Xbox Series X July 23rd Event Hype Thread!

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    Microsoft will be hosting a Series X games showcase next week on July 23.  What do you want to see announced/presented?  Personally, I’m hoping for the following:

    – Halo Infinite info and gameplay (this is pretty much a given)
    – Forza 8
    – New Banjo-Kazooie game (pipe dream, I know)
    – Some kind of answer to Sony’s Spider-Man (AKA a popular IP getting an Xbox exclusive game, such as Batman, TMNT, Superman, etc.)


    I am all up in this! I’ve day one’d every xbox since the 360! Yep, fanboy I am, I cannot WAIT for the Xbox Series X so I can plug it into my 4K TV and play Spelunky LOL.


      The DLC for The Outer Worlds.


      You got your wish!  Lol


      Just sat through that woke trash, I am currently considering getting a PS5 or just binning off modern gaming and sticking with my Xbox One X and 360, still plenty of games I can go back to. I am GUTTED with that showcase, I have been a day one xboxer since the OG xbox.


        I didn’t watch it. What was woke about it?




        So Microsoft had the perfect chance to upstage and blow past Sony’s average to tepid PS5 launch event, but totally screwed the pooch, eh?


        I’m not a Microsoft guy, never have been, so can’t say reading this doesn’t give a little joy to my biased heart.


        Thanks to the massive success of Ghost of Tsushima, I would say Sony has more momentum and quality game good will going into the Fall, because you can be damn sure if Suckerpunch can swing it, they’ll find a way to do a Ghost sequel for the PS5. A Ghost 2 on the PS5 would be a major exclusive win for Sony, now that everyone is currently in love with this new franchise.


        Sony are just as woke and can fuck off too, I’m xbox man! However, seeing as both are current TRASH ….. Playstation has VR and that is something that is always on my radar ….. a last bastion of gaming I haven’t tried properly LOL this could be what swings it. Or I could just buy a cheap PS4 when the 5 drops and VR that way. Microsoft fucked up bad.


        It went like thjis:

        Halo 2783628347628462834628476238

        Forza 3298423984293472934789


        Every character a kid PoC or an adult PoC whamen, then every indie just stank of ‘strong and brave’ emo agnsty trash! Horrible showcase. I put a blog up on here about it but I think it might be to risque for them to allow.


          I didnt see much wokeness. If the mere existence of non-white, gay or female characters means woke to you, we have vastly different definitions of the word.
          Which is fine, I’m not shaming you for it.  Just saying, from my perspective, other than one trailer, I didnt see anything I’d really consider woke.

          I was actually impressed with the selection of games (apart from the focus on CG trailers but that’s the trend this year).
          My choice to not get a PS5 is solidified.


            I just watched some of it. None of it impressed me. As a PlayStation fan I am ready to switch to PC or XBOX. But they have dropped the ball so far. Most people are best off just waiting a few years. A lot of games wont look next gen for awhile


              I have PSVR and it’s pretty cool. Although there isn’t a lot of great games for it. Ace Combat 7 has 3 VR missions and is incredible. But I use mine to watch 3D Blu-Rays


                I didnt know I was wanting to see Obsidian take the “fuck you, Bethesda” to the next level by coming after Skyrim, but, it turns out, I really wanted to see that. Color me hyped.
                Was happy to see Outer Worlds DLC announced, of course.
                Fables, The Phantasy Star Online 2 update.
                The Medium looks brilliant.
                Crossfire X looks more interesting everytime it gets brought up.

                There wasnt much I thought looked outright bad.


                  That’s a general rule, for me.
                  I am convinced now that Series X will be the way to go but it will be about this time next year before I actually buy the thing.


                    Fable didn’t show any gameplay.

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