Your favorite Bruce Wills Movies?

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    Your favorite Bruce Wills Movies?


    How about you stop spamming the topics and let someone else have a go?


    Bruce Wills Die Hard Die Hard 2 Die Hard

    Live Free or Die Hard

    A good Day to Die Hard

    Die Hard With a Vengeance 1995

    Armageddon 1998



    Hudson Hawk.


    Die hard.


    Die Hard & 12 Monkeys are my favorites.  Last Man Standing is probably his most underrated.


    Die Hard 1988

    Die Hard 2

    Live Free Or Die Hard

    Die Hard With Vengeance

    Cop Out 2010

    Armageddon 1998

    A Good Day To Die Hard



    There is only the one best:


    It aged so well you can still watch it today, 22 years later. You cannot really watch many movies that old without any remarks and I am not counting the MIR spacestation that is not around anymore as a remark.

    Die Hard 1+2 …well phone booths… make it old, but they were great when they were new.


    There are so many, but I’m with the guys above –

    Hudson Hawk has been a favorite of mine since it came out in theaters and Last Man Standing is a gunfight-raging-gem that most people don’t even know exists.








    wallpaper-of-original-die-hard-5 2013


    Die Hard Movie

Viewing 14 posts - 1 through 14 (of 14 total)
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