Your favorite Indiana Jones Movie?

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      Your favorite Indiana Jones Movies?

      My favorite Indiana Jones movie is Indiana Jones and last Crusade 1989.


      ^ they’re all great, but I’d say the Temple of Doom. It’s funny, exotic and Kate Capshaw is awesome in this movie.


      Raiders of the Lost Ark

      followed by Last Crusades.


      the first and 3rd only


      The Last Crusade

      Raiders of the Last Ark

      Temple of Doom

      Crystal Skull


      All but Crystal Skull.

      Temple of Doom had the coolest vibe to it and moved at a quick pace, so that’s the go-to watch for me…though I really hate the musical arrangement during the pit fight with Indy and the slave driver as it cuts back and forth to Short Round’s theme.

      Small nitpick though.

      Crystal Skull’s script is a mess, the cinematography is awful as is with most modern Spielberg films (Kaminski can’t light for shit), and the over reliance on cg and swooping camera angles that make that cg stand out even more (the ants) clashed with what we were used to from the series. Remember when they would use real prairie dogs and scorpions in a film?


      I think all of them are great films, but my favorite one is The Last Crusade.


      Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade.


      I like Raiders of the lost ark and Temple of Doom the most, the rest were alright. Really disappointed in Crystal Skull, though. I get picky like that, I only count the original Highlander movie as well.


      It’s a hard choice for me the original three all stand on equal footing for me.


      Raiders is great, my favorite.  I like all 3, yes I said 3.

    Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)
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