Your Neighbor is not your enemy

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      The only way the “elite” have power is because they are keeping us all divided.  Black vs white, haves vs have nots, dark vs light, man vs woman, and now we are even subclassing men and women into different “genders”

      It is all nothing but rule by divide and conquer.

      The real irony is the people can once again gain control by simply dropping their hatred of each other and looking for common ground.  But division appeals to a selfish part of people as you can blame your station in life on others.  Once you have done that is it quite difficult to pull up your big boy/girl pants and say “nope, it’s me and not my neighbor’s fault”.

      I heard Jimmy Dore say this 1000 times on Tim Cast and it is so true. YOUR NEIGHBOR IS NOT YOUR ENEMY !



      Jimmy at 1:55:00


      Here here! No more self victimization. No more blaming history on the present, no more woke agenda pushing, no more transgender brainwashing, no more buzzwords, just love your neighbor and keep it civil.

      I agree.


        Can you imagine a world in which we followed God’s greatest commandment at all times instead of always fighting one another?  Where people always worked together for the common good in spite of their own selfish wants?

        “A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another.”-John 13:34


        If we would all just keep our hands to ourselves, live and let live the world would not be insane.


          You clearly have not met my Neighbor, he is the enemy, in fact he is pure trash to the point the Police and Code Enforcement had to tell him clean up his yard or get fined.  So yes some of them are :) :)


          Oh boy I got neighbors like that too. Crack whore down the road who causes the police be called at least once a week.


            Maybe I should have named the thread “your neighbor is not your enemy, but he is possibly an a-hole”


            Haha you’re not wrong :D. Which btw what’s the swear policy? Shouldn’t we be able to swear? Meh, I wanna say **** and **** and mekrav.


              Have you ever listened to Ryan’s streams. Just don’t do anything he wouldn’t do.


              Bit my tongue. Someone said it. Lots of implied things in Jimmy’s statement. Dore will not really name the enemy, but enemy will pit your neighbor against you. It’s almost funny that the USA is at war with Russia and maybe soon, China, while American neighbors are pummeling each other at protests, riots and ball games. It’s like Americans take each other out and other countries just sit back and laugh.

              What Jimmy might have said, is that it makes no difference if you punch sideways or down. Unless the person is a household name, people are wasting their time fighting nobodies. That will make no difference. Jimmy Dore wants to make a difference.

              Sometimes I hit the streets. Yesterday, I heard this guy say something like where the money at, dawg? Let’s get this money. You want to tell him the truth, your money went to the Ukraine. That’s where it went. Look a person in the eyes. Your money was looted. It was robbed. It was taken. So, what do you mean, let’s get this money?

              Jimmy and Chris are on the left. Normally, I despise them. Now? I’m with them. Without even a second thought.
              Like someone said, the right supported capitalism and corporate America for 50 years and got nothing but BLM and Rainbow flags in return.
              I do not recognize these rainbow flags flying over the American flag. There’s not really a country anymore. I do not recognize these demonic statues.


                Swearing is allowed. I just chose not to.


                <p style=”text-align: center;”>Yeah but at the same time, we aren’t struggling as bad as those other countries. Right now China is facing a real insurrection and Russia is struggling to maintain itself. As americans we have much more to laugh at right now.</p>
                Furthermore, it’s not that you have to tell us not to hate our neighbor, but it’s more that you have to tell the neighbor not to hate us in return because at the end of the day leftists are causing most of the discord. I mean just look at how divided they are against themselves.

                Now I’m not saying right isle is not divided a little, but the left eat their own alive and attack each other as much as they attack the right, if not more. You can’t even like Harry Potter games anymore without a leftoid trying to dox you and destroy your life.

                You can’t eat a cake without the leftoid telling you: “it’s racist to eat that cake because black people don’t always get a cake” and it’s not even an exaggeration. I bet you someone made that argument at least once online.

                It’s not the guy who carries his gun to protect himself, it’s the leftist who told you it’s wrong to carry one. So telling us this isn’t the issue, it’s telling galvanized snd brainwashed lunatics that can’t even take the truth that only women can carry baby.
                <p style=”text-align: center;”>I don’t hate the left for being ignorant, I hate them when they attack the innocent.</p>

              Viewing 13 posts - 1 through 13 (of 13 total)
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