youtube now will place ads on non monetized channels

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    new terms a service and ill say it no incentive they have now to moentize anyone….im keeping sme vids unlisted and posted to discord to test it and then after 2 days i will out videos public, if they pre embed ill just upload way less and more to bitchute





    I’m almost glad my channel gets next to no views now.


    Why pay creators, when they can keep all the money themselves.

    Or force people to buy a subscription to avoid all ads.



    here is why big boys need to worry , this is just stage one , ask thequartering he knows about types a ads the best ones are all atm on the monetized people now they will be shared wiht non monetized. Stage 2 will be to put lesser ads mixed wiht a few good ones on the big boys and put the best ones onto non monetized content to maximize revenue

    after all why pay the big guys when they can jsut rip off everyone else like a slave labour market


    This is insane! I hope creators don’t shill to youtube on this but no doubt some will.


    U-Tube has an almost monopoly when it comes to uploading and sharing videos.

    The few alternatives are still too small, and its audience is either vary limited or are aimed at a certain demographics.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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