YouTube Removes Dislikes

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    This is stupid! I can’t understand the mentality of people who use social media but can’t handle negative criticism! Don’t use social media if you can’t handle the negative criticism! People have the right to say what they want, positive or negative.


    Those with an agenda have to manipulate and twist the truth on its head to try convincing others that their side isnt the less popular one. For instance, Joe Biden is said to have gotten 81 million votes. Can you believe that??


    Manufactured consent was lost for maybe one generation. The internet ended the mass media crowd control psychosis that TV/movies had on the public. Where I noticed it was the Aaron Rogers video by Max Kellerman on ESPN. They were getting ratioed by views who supported Rogers freedom of choice. That was the ratings I noticed that the internet does not support lockdowns and forced inoculations. Of course, NONE of the analytics support Joe Biden being the most popular president in history with over 80 million votes. Nothing have EVER supported that in any other ratings category like: crowd attendance, views, likes, ratings, ….there is no correlating evidence to the vote turnout.


    big corps hate when people can clap back at them… but we can still ratio them with comments, if they don’t hide/delete it.


      Is anyone surprised anymore? The blatant censorship and silencing of dissent are just as plain as day now. It’s right there for all to see, and the blind just can’t see it.

      They want to hide the reality and keep molding the minds to fit the fake world they are promoting.


      Mark Dice video. He usually publishes books with a track record of various things that have happened in news media. He used to write books about secret societies and then, he started writing about media full time. I would say one of the most important topics is how to recognize propaganda, but it’s all propaganda now. There isn’t actually news anymore.


      I hope this backfires on Youtube and they lose money and users then they become the new….MY SPACE!!!!!


        The only things I watch on YouTube now are the things ONLY on YouTube.

      Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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