YouTubers that should get their own G+G Accounts

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    Which Youtubers would you guys like see have their own G+G Accounts?


    Probably these YouTubers although I do not know if they have a G+G account or not?

    Gary Buechler from Nerdrotic


    Thorias Unlimited so I can send a message to him same goes to Doomcock and Critical Drinker

    1/4 Black Garret

    Critical Drinker

    Adam Crigler

    Jeff Hicks and guys in World Class Bullshiters

    Tom Connors Jr. and his team in Midnight’s Edge

    Robot Shlomo

    The Script Doctor

    Author Stephan Walton

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    I would like to see Thor Skywalker make an account some day


      Alteori. I love her youtube videos :3


      randomyoko2 – I’ve asked her a couple of times to join this forum and she said that she would check it out but it seems that she’s not interested. That’s too bad because she’s very knowledgeable about international subjects and about Japan obviously. I’m sure streamers can get more subscribers if they regularly interact with people.


      I don’t see any of the “fandom menace” guys joining a forum like this because they’re paranoid that YouTube would cancel them if it got reported that someone said something right-leaning, and they make a shit ton of money. Every live stream they do makes them thousands of dollars and they wanna keep it that way – understandably.

    Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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