An Interview With Geeks + Gamers’ FearTheBeardo

I sat down to talk with a lover of Rainbow Road, FearTheBeardo.

Blabbering Collector: How did you hear about Geeks + Gamers?

FearTheBeardo: It was from the whole Disney Star Wars controversy. I was just watching YouTube videos; people were talking about shit on Disney Star Wars! That’s actually how I came across it. I came across a channel called The Dishonored Wolf; they aren’t on YouTube anymore, but Jeremy came up as a recommendation on their channel. This was Force Awakens days, maybe right before Last Jedi. I used to wake up every morning and [check] YouTube wondering if Jeremy had a new Star Wars video, and then I would listen to The Quartering; “Does Jeremy from The Quartering have a new Star Wars video today?” And then I would go to someone like Doomcock. That was my life; I would be listening to these guys talk shit on Star Wars.

BC: When did you join?

FTB: I joined back in late March or April of 2022.

BC: What do you do within G+G?

FTB: I directly work for Sports Wars with Ryan Kinel, and I also help out as much as I can wherever I fit in, wherever Jeremy wants me to, so I have also appeared on Geeks + Gamers Play.

BC: What made you decide to want to stream on Twitch?

FTB: Really, it was my younger brother who was the first to stream on Twitch. I just thought it was the coolest thing. Four people were watching him, and he had seventy followers; like, that was crazy! You have four people watching you! He had the balls to do it when I didn’t. But then, I wanted to get into more sports videos, so I started off with videos, and then I thought, “Why don’t I stream some Resident Evil with my boys?” We would all be in a Discord call, playing at the same time, but it would be the single-player game, so we would be like, “What part are you up to?” “Don’t get too far ahead of me!” We were all playing, and I was like, “I’m just going to stream us all playing at the same time.” You can actually find those original streams on YouTube.

BC: Will you ever stream on YouTube?

FTB: I thought about making the switch to YouTube, but Twitch seems to be easier, and it is a little bit more user-friendly. I would like to make the switch to YouTube, but I’ve been pretty successful at growing my Twitch channel, especially after joining G+G. There’s been a huge influx of new followers, so I have put Twitch first, but I have considered switching.

BC: What are your goals for streaming?

FTB: Ooooo. Um… That’s a good question. I think that goes year by year for me. At first, I just wanted to get to a hundred followers. Once I got a hundred, I’m like, “It would be really cool to get to a thousand.” And now that I’m at a thousand, it would be really cool to get to five thousand. It’s an ongoing goal: to keep growing and eventually become a Twitch Partner and maybe get a sponsor. I’d love to get a beard oil sponsorship and make people laugh! To encourage people to get out there.

BC: What is your goal within G+G for 2023?

FTB: Just to keep growing stronger, grow a better relationship with Jeremy, Ryan, and everybody. I’m looking forward to the next meetup, and what they have in Orlando is very exciting and intriguing. I’d like to hopefully find my way out to Orlando, too, because I, unfortunately, live in the state of Commiefornia, and I’d like to just get out of California and just grow with Geeks + Gamers. I made new friends, and I want to continue down that path. I just want to earn more respect and trust with Jeremy and Ryan.

BC: What is your favorite pop culture IP?


BC: Have you read any of the Star Wars EU novels?

FTB: No, I haven’t. I’d like to. I’ve watched some YouTube videos explaining them, but I don’t even own the books. I would need to buy some of the EU books. I’d be open to it.

BC: Do you like to collect? If so, what?

FTB: I collect Pokémon cards and as many old Pokémon games as I can. So I do have an arsenal of Gameboy Color Pokémon games and Gameboy Advanced Pokémon games. I still have my Gameboy Color, I still have my DS and Advanced, so I still do collect Pokémon stuff.

FearTheBeardo FearTheBeardo FearTheBeardo FearTheBeardo

BC: What is your favorite video game?

FTB: Batman: Arkham City. It changed my life. I must have played that game like 13 times now. Kevin Conroy, RIP; he is the definitive Batman. He somewhat inspired me to get into voice acting and broadcast. It’s so iconic, and Mark Hamill, he’s gotten a little unhinged on the internet these days, but he still is incredible as The Joker in that game. The art, the story… it’s my favorite game of all time.

BC: What was your very first video game?

FTB: I think… well… my first video game ever was Pokémon Silver on the Gameboy Color… I think. But for console… like for PlayStation… man. I have so many cloudy and vague memories of playing different games, like Podracing, Sonic on the Dreamcast. And my dad had the original Super Mario Bros 1 on the original Gameboy. I used to play that too.

BC: What do you do to unwind and unplug?

FTB: I like barbecuing, and I like working out. Barbecuing is very therapeutic for me. I like buying fancy seasonings from Meat Church; it’s a brand from Texas that makes it easy [so that] you don’t over-salt your shit! I like preparing meats, smoking chicken… pork shoulder! And I like training with my dad and brother.

BC: Do you read comics? What was the very first one you read?

FTB: I read more comics as a kid. My dad was really cool growing up with my interests. He would subscribe me to Sports Illustrated Kids. Like, I didn’t even ask him to do this; he just did it for me. So I was interested in sports growing up, and comics, especially Spider-Man. He would subscribe me to this thing where Marvel would send me a random comic every month. So I would get, like, a random Fantastic Four or a Spider-Man comic once a month, and then the Sports Illustrated Kids. I think Spider-Man was my very first one; I really remember the Lizard one.

BC: If you could go on an adventure with any character, who would it be?


BC: Do you have anything you want to say to your audience?


Speed Round – Short Answers Only

BC: Hogwarts house?


BC: Would you rather walk through a jungle or a desert?

FTB: A jungle! A jungle would be more exciting because at least I would have the opportunity to find food and find some water in, like, a freshwater creek. In a desert? Just kill me.

BC: That was a really good one-word answer.

FTB: Ooooooo, sorry, I forgot this was rapid answer!

BC: What is your go-to snack?

FTB: Beef jerky!

BC: What is your favorite ABBA song?

FTB: What? What’s ABBA?

BC: Your mother has failed you! Do you like Nickelback?

FTB: I do!

BC: Favorite gaming console?

FTB: I really liked the GameCube growing up.

BC: What number is Pi?

FTB: 3.14

BC: Steak or chicken?

FTB: Steak.

BC: How do you like your potatoes?

FTB: Mashed.

BC: Frodo or Samwise?

FTB: Samwise, 100%. Fuck Frodo!

BC: Darth Vader or Darth Maul?

FTB: Darth Vader.

BC: What is your favorite sport?

FTB: Baseball.

BC: John Williams or Hans Zimmer?

FTB: Hans Zimmer.

BC: Favorite color?

FTB: Blue.

BC: Lightsaber color?

FTB: Blue.

BC: Are you an innie or an outie?

FTB: I’m an innie.

BC: What is 9 x 9?

FTB: 81.

BC: 7 x 7?

FTB: Fuck. 57? 56?

BC: 7 x 7?

FTB: 49.

BC: What is 99 minus 100?

FTB: Negative one.

BC: I’m so proud; he’s doing math! How do you spell “aggressive?”

FTB: A-g-g-r-e-s-i-v-e.

BC: How do you spell “aggressive?”

FTB: A-g-g-r-e-s-s-i-v-e.

BC: There you go!

FTB: I was missing an “s.”

Questions From Twitter

Twitter: What was your family’s reaction when you joined G+G?

FTB: They were extremely happy because they knew I wanted to grow my voice and get into sports broadcasting because I have a lot of love for video games, and I love streaming video games. But my mom was really adamant. She thinks that doing sports broadcasting is my future. So the fact that not only [was I] brought onto G+G, but that I was being brought onto G+G for sports, my mom was like, “Told you so!” They were ecstatic. It was just a shot in the dark; I didn’t know where this was going to take me.

BC: That’s a great mom, very supportive. But she did fail you on ABBA. Ask her about that, okay?

FTB: Yeah, she probably will be disappointed in me on that.

T: Pineapple on pizza?

FTB: Hell no.

T: Binge model or weekly releases?

FTB: Binge model.

T: Why do you never wear matching socks?

FTB: *Giggles* That started when I was young. That started around the third grade. It was just something that I did. I don’t know, I liked having somewhat matching socks, but they were different – like, they were somewhat coordinated, but different. It just stuck, and I’ve done it since. Even when I did football, I would wear one black sock and one white sock. It’s always been a thing, and I don’t care to change it.

T: What inspired the beard?


T: What is your favorite cheese?

FTB: Oh… well, that’s kinda a trick question because my favorite cheese kinda depends on what I’m eating! If it’s a burger, American or cheddar, or even Pepper Jack. If I’m eating Italian, I’ve obviously gotta go with mozzarella. A white cheddar with pepperoni if I’m just snacking… I’m a cheese fan. I don’t know if I can narrow it done. Bullet to my head… sharp cheddar.

T: What do you think about String Theory?

FTB: String Theory? Never heard of String Theory. Sorry, person on Twitter, I’ve never heard of it!

A Question from Dan Vasc

Dan: Favorite workout split?

FTB: Chest is push; chest and triceps. And then I’ll do back day, and back is pull. Back and biceps! And on back day, I’ll do deltoids as well. And then, you do legs after that, and then rinse and repeat! Chest, back, legs, chest, back, legs. You can work your abs in there as well. You can do your arms on chest day if you’re still feeling good. Add biceps on chest day if you’re feeling good. You can throw in a rest day a week.

BC: I have absolutely no idea what you are talking about, but awesome!

Thank you for your time, Beardo! You can find him on Twitch, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram!

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