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FNT Las Vegas Meetup 2024

Las Vegas. The city goes by many names, from “Sin City” to “Lost Wages.” Either way, it is a place that has gone down in infamy throughout the decades. I’ve never been the sort to feel a pull towards a city like Vegas since the things that occur there are essentially the polar opposite of ...

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Google CEO Tells Employees to Leave Politics at Home

Is Google pulling back from the woke mind virus it spent years spreading? Sundar Pichai, the tech giant’s CEO (as well as the CEO of Alphabet Inc., Google’s parent company), released a memo last week saying, among other things, that the personal politics of Google’s employees should be left at...

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BRIDGE — DEI on Steroids 

DEI has infected everything from films to books, video games, beauty products, and even foods. What is the reasoning for this? Why now? And most of all, how many entities are leading the charge? There are many conspiracies regarding this topic, and whether true or not, these questions should be aske...

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Social Media User Targets Mrs. Nerdrotic and the Critical Drinker’s Family

We all know “haters gonna hate,” but it still feels jarring when you see the extent to which some people will take that maxim. This past week saw the annual Friday Night Tights Las Vegas Meet-Up, and it looked like a great time was had by all. But that didn’t stop some social media malcontent...

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Person Who Accused JK Rowling of Holocaust Denial Forced to Apologize

JK Rowling is following through on her threats to take legal action against some of her more deranged slanderers. On March 14, 2024, Rivkah Brown, a commissioning editor at some nutty left-wing news outlet called Novara Media, said that because the Harry Potter author questioned whether the Nazis t...

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Star Wars Fans Accused of Hating Mace Windu and Finn

Every so often, someone kicks the hornet’s nest just to see what happens; that’s what I assume this is, at least. Today, a content creator called Okiro posted about racist sci-fi fans on X in response to another post about asking what fictional character “that it’s hate is forced.” Oiko po...

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