Deadpool & Wolverine “Trailer for the Trailer” is Better Than it Should Be

The new trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine is coming out tomorrow, but the stars of the movie are getting fans pumped already. Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman put out one of those “trailer for the trailer” videos, each sharing the tease with a winking, sort-of-in-character comment on X. The two actors return as the title characters on July 26, 2024, with Shawn Levy now directing. You can see Ryan Reynold’s and Hugh Jackman’s posts below; pick your preference to watch the video:

However Deadpool & Wolverine turns out, I think everyone will agree the marketing campaign is fantastic. It’s smart to utilize Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman; aside from their pairing being the movie’s biggest hook, they’re likable actors playing popular characters, and people like hearing from them and seeing them act silly in real life. The teaser is funny, too, with the little toy Wolverine in his death pose from Logan, followed by clips from other movies to avoid ruining the trailer. I know that sounds stupid, but trailers have become their own mini-events, especially when people are looking forward to a movie, and that doesn’t happen nearly as often anymore. But it seems like most believe Deadpool & Wolverine at least might be good. I also love how it incorporates the mid-credits sequence from Deadpool 2, which is one of my favorite ones ever (and which Ryan Reynolds reminded everyone about in a separate post); aside from being funny, it makes this movie look like it was a long time coming and the fulfillment of fans’ dreams (and Deadpool’s). And that sets it apart from most of the films Marvel is releasing right now, which tend to make everyone ask, “Who wanted this?” They took a tired trope that usually annoys people and made it funny and enticing; that’s great marketing – as opposed to that eight-hour cat video to advertise for The Marvels, for example.

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April 22, 2024 at 5:31 am

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