Disney Struggle Sessions

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Bob Iger has a message for those criticizing Disney for being too “woke.” What that message is, who knows, because Iger never declares what that message is. We should all feel better now that Bob Iger has denounced woke ideology and cleared the air concerning how much Disney cares about entertainment instead of making content with a message, stating that Disney is not primarily concerned with “infusing messaging” into its programming and that it remains “an entertainment-first company.” 

Infusing messaging as the sort of number one priority in our films and TV shows is not what we’re up to. They need to be entertaining,” said Iger.  “And, look, where the Disney company can have a positive impact on the world—whether it’s fostering acceptance and understanding of people of all different types—great. But, generally speaking, we need to be an entertainment-first company, and I’ve worked really hard to do that.” 

“The term woke is thrown around rather liberally,” Iger said. “I think a lot of people don’t really understand what it means.”

Disney Struggle Sessions

So even though an entire article was titled “Bob Iger Thinks Woke DisneyCritics Don’t Even Know What WokeMeans,” that same article fails to define “woke,” according to Bob Iger. That’s perfect. Then again, in a video interview on Squawk on the Street, Iger claims they don’t know what “woke” means but, again, doesn’t clearly define how they’re incorrect.

Iger has worked really, really hard to make sure Disney is an entertainment-first company by engaging with executives, engaging with the creative community, returning to our roots, making sure everyone is aligned with what our priorities are, and understanding we are trying to reach a very, very diverse audience.” Sounds great, Bob, but where’s the part where you talk about your customers, or to them? The thing about media companies and individuals gaslighting the public so much – is that, eventually, more and more people notice it. That’s obviously what this is: more gaslighting, which is now just par for the course.

We may be incorrect about our understanding of what defines the term “woke.”  Woke isn’t an elevated state of social enlightenment. It’s a certification of reeducation – like a trophy for enduring struggle sessions. We are all currently living in the largest reeducation/struggle session (psyop) ever. Unfortunately, participation isn’t voluntary.

Disney continues to lose money hand over fist and has yet to change course. Bob Iger claims the culture wars have nothing to do with the direction of Disney’s business choices, but anyone paying attention would strongly disagree. A company like Disney undoubtedly has access to market research that informs them of what will most likely make them money and what won’t. Ask yourself: why is it that when a company constantly loses hundreds of millions of dollars, project after project, and they know their customers are unhappy, they still continue on the same course?

Disney Struggle Sessions

If Disney were worried about profits or losses, they would have changed course long ago. They don’t care about making or losing money because they are investing in social engineering, and they have financial backup from the likes of Vanguard and BlackRock, who own a combined 14.6% of Disney. BlackRock CEO Larry Fink has said that change in society should be forced, if needed. For years now, one of BlackRock’s messages has been, contribute to society, or risk losing our support.” 

The methods of attempting this social engineering are (at least one reason) why it hasn’t been working, and why it’s less likely to succeed in the future. No matter what the particular information is, it gets old after a certain point, and eventually annoying. We have reached the level of extremely super duper annoying. Take any ideology, agenda, or even just an average joke – when it gets to the point that no matter which direction you turn, you hear that joke, it gets old fast. Now, we live in a world where even though more data exposes the negative (rather than positive) impacts of the woke reeducation agenda, the message is still unavoidable.

If these tactics haven’t succeeded as the powers that be had hoped they would, then why are they still pushing this? The manipulation hasn’t worked. The gaslighting hasn’t worked. The economic stranglehold (e.g., use this guide, or you won’t receive any support) hasn’t worked. The majority of people are tired of the constant politics, practically everywhere, all the time. So, please, keep pushing. Keep burning down your own messiah.

The sad part of all of this forcing ideology down people’s throats is the loss of trust. The general public can be very forgiving when one admits they were wrong. Everyone loves a good redemption story. I think it’s obvious Disney is nowhere near admitting anything, and I don’t think they even care. Disney is using its platform to promote social change in culture. They are clearly more concerned with their agenda than they are with what their customers and investors want. The customers want good content, and the investors want positive returns. When was the last time Disney made something good and profitable that didn’t have “the message”?

Disney struggle sessions

Look at how many times Disney has either inserted or swapped characters or storylines that are gender-diverse, sexually diverse, or racially diverse. Disney owns Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar, just to name a few properties. If you look at what Disney has done (production-wise) with these companies in the last five years, youll understand what I mean. Storytelling and overall production value have significantly decreased for the sake of the message.” Disney is motivated to change how society feels towards topics like transsexuality, racism, politics, and sexual identity and is willing to force change or lose support. Even though the market has said loud and clear that it prefers quality storytelling over identity and social politics, unfortunately, theyre not going to stop until they feel that society is where they think it should be.

If youd like to learn more about Disneys Struggle Sessions, then check out Film Threat and their The D-Files. They have done excellent research on Disneys attempts at social engineering from behind the scenes.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I don’t care who is in what. Just make good content. The message would be much more palatable if it was also enjoyable. For some reason, this seems to be impossible these days. There are so many productions (from the past) that have a very diverse cast and are also great content. It’s not much of a stretch to infer it’s probably because those projects focused more on quality than an ideological agenda.

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