Disney+ to Adapt Kingdom Hearts Games With Original Voice Actors

Kingdom Hearts is coming to Disney+ in the form of a TV show. Jeremy Conrad reported that the house of Mouse will be bringing the iconic Square Enix video game franchise to the animated series format. Several voice actors, including Bill Farmer as Goofy, are returning to their roles.

Brett: Virginia, what do you think of this news?

Virginia: I’m interested in this project for sure. Personally, I didn’t play the Kingdom Hearts games myself. I’m not much of a gamer in general, and I didn’t have access to these particular games. However, I love many of the Disney films and characters, and I do find the concept of Kingdom Hearts interesting. I’ll at least watch the show when it starts and give it a shot. Are there any particular storylines you hope they adapt, Brett?

B: Honestly, just give me Cloud teaming up with Sora, and I’m good. To me, this is an excellent opportunity to remix things and tell new stories. In addition, we could further explore the worlds of the game. I can’t tell you how much I wanted to see more of Jack Skellington or Yen Sid’s worlds than the games would allow. So, hopefully, the producers will decide to innovate rather than go for straight adaptation.

Disney+ Kingdom Hearts

V: Honestly, as someone who never played the games firsthand, I really hope they adapt the Tangled storyline/world. I love me some Rapunzel, and I’d love to see anything involving Tangled.

B: That could be a lot of fun. I can’t wait to hear Zachary Levi playing Flynn again, as he seems to relish playing the character.

V: That’s a character/actor pairing I genuinely love. I’ve loved Zachary Levi since he described himself as a “Disnerd” and seemed so flattered at Eugene being compared to Han Solo. I’m happy that both he and Mandy Moore returned for Tangled Ever After, as well as the recently ended TV show. Unfortunately, Rapunzel was not voiced by Mandy in KH3, so I wonder if she’ll return for this series. I hope so.

B: I have a feeling she will come back. After all, they’re going to want to put their best foot forward to build original content for the streaming service.

V: That’s true. I got Disney+ on day one through my Verizon subscription, and I’ve been something of a champion for the service. However, original content really isn’t its strong suit. If, like me, you already own most Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars movies (the good ones), this is a problem. Back to the main topic, do you think the show will draw mainly from one of the games?

Disney+ Kingdom Hearts

B: If I had to guess, they’ll start from the first and maybe mix in the Roxas storyline, but I really hope they just use the games as a springboard rather than adhere to them exactly. Hopefully, one format will enhance the other.

V: Yeah, I doubt they’ll just directly copy each game frame-by-frame or anything like that. That doesn’t seem to work well for game adaptations.

What do you think of this news? Are you glad that a lot of the voice cast will be returning, or do you think they should get new blood? Do you think there’ll be 50 years between seasons like the games? Let us know in the comments and stay safe and healthy as Geeks + Gamers continues to bring you more movie and TV news!

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