First Images from the Remake of The Crow are Risen

After a decade or so of false starts, the remake of The Crow has unfortunately clawed its way out of the grave and become a reality. The movie hits theaters on June 7, 2024, and stars Bill Skarsgård as resurrected vengeance-seeker Eric Draven, taking over for the late Brandon Lee (who died during production of The Crow in a terrible firearms accident), with FKA twiggs as his doomed fiancée, Shelley, and Danny Huston as the villain. Now, we have our first glimpse of the latest unwanted remake via some pictures courtesy of Lionsgate, which were first published by Vanity Fair. You can see the pics from the remake of The Crow below:

The Crow remake images The Crow remake images The Crow remake images

The pictures of Eric and Shelly are just what they are: a couple being romantic, so we feel bad when they’re killed. That’s fine – it’s the driving force of the story – but as publicity material, they’re not impressive. The image of Bill Skarsgård in costume as the Crow is the centerpiece, and it looks pretty much like what you’d expect a modern “reimagining” of the character would look like. There are plenty of tattoos and piercings to show us how edgy Eric Draven is, with a lot of eye imagery for some reason. (I’ll bet there’s going to be a transition from one of his eye tattoos to the eye of the crow that brings back his soul.) The tattoo that says “Lullaby” over his right eye is too reminiscent of the “Damaged” tattoo on the Joker’s forehead in Suicide Squad for comfort. I know I’m biased as hell about this because I think remaking The Crow is a terrible idea, but this looks lame to me. I like Bill Skarsgård, but he’s at the stage in his career where he’s taking off, so he’s getting lots of offers, and he’s probably going to make some mistakes. That doesn’t mean the Crow remake will definitely be one of them; it could be a hit, for all I know. But my guess is that he’ll be compared unfavorably to Brandon Lee, who’s become a legend in the part – if you grew up in the 90s, you know what I’m talking about. I don’t know much about FKA twiggs, but despite her importance to the story, Shelly is a nothing part, so it doesn’t matter much who plays her. (Although she’ll probably have a bigger role in this one; I’m actually surprised she’s not the Crow now.) And while Danny Huston has kind of been the go-to villain of the last ten or fifteen years, I don’t see him being nearly as cool as Michael Wincott was as crime boss Top Dollar. A Crow remake was inevitable, if only because The Crow is a movie that exists and hasn’t been remade yet, but that doesn’t mean we have to like it.

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