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Doom's Day
1 week ago no Comment

After all the damage done to the Doctor Who franchise and the fanbase’s investment, the fans need to be wooed back. However, the decisions made by Russel T. Davies and his new regime have done nothing to do that. No substantial effort has been made to rehabilitate the audience’s love for Doctor Who. Now, an …

doctor who spin-off
2 weeks ago no Comment

The rumored spin-offs to Doctor Who have begun to come into focus as several mainstream publications, such as Deadline, have reported that they have insider information about these spin-offs. According to Deadline, the “Whoniverse” will begin with two spin-offs, one featuring classic Doctor Who villains as the main characters and the other with Kate Stewart …

last of us look to the light
2 weeks ago no Comment

HBO’s The Last of Us has thankfully come to its conclusion with episode 9, “Look for the Light.” After enough bloat to bore Hemingway, The Last of Us barrels to the end, forgetting that it has not invested enough of its overstuffed screen time in developing the relationship between Joel and Ellie, resulting in a …

witcher claims
3 weeks ago no Comment

It was only a few short months ago when Netflix’s Witcher showrunner, Lauren Hissrich, claimed that season 3 would be “the closest thing that we’ve done as a one-to-one adaptation of the books.” Such wild claims had been made about every new season of the main series as well as at the release of every …

Creed III
3 weeks ago no Comment

Creed III is a movie, and simply that. It’s not a bad movie or a good one. It is not thought-provoking or profound, and it isn’t unique in any way. It merely exists. Compared to many other films in theaters, Creed III is not a bad choice for an entertainment experience if someone has a couple of hours …

4 weeks ago no Comment

The impossible has occurred: HBO has released a good episode of The Last of Us. After weeks of subpar writing, bad acting, and bloated filler, the writers have managed to cobble together an enjoyable and thought-provoking experience. Whether or not this is merely a case of a broken clock striking true twice a day, this …

warner bros lord of the rings
4 weeks ago no Comment

Despite the best efforts of both Warner Bros. and Amazon, the Tolkien fanbase is still strong, the books fueling a passion unrivaled by any other franchise. While the fans of the books and the world have been consistently strong, the quality of the live-action interpretations of this literary universe have been subpar, to say the …

Last of Us Left Behind
1 month ago no Comment

There isn’t much unique commentary surrounding the latest episode of HBO’s The Last of Us, “Left Behind.” It still falls into the most egregious pitfalls of its predecessor, namely bloat, empty character development and performances, and a near-total lack of action, horror, or zombies. At this point, this show cannot be called a zombie action-horror show, …

Cocaine Bear
1 month ago 1 Comment

Unlike the majority of movies and television discussed on this site, Universal Pictures’ Cocaine Bear is an incredibly difficult movie to review. Cocaine Bear is not an intelligent movie. It is not well-acted, well-written, or well-done, and the script is utterly atrocious. But hot damn if it isn’t a great steaming pile of fun. In …

last of us kin
1 month ago no Comment

The turn, the twist, the revelation, and the unmasking of HBO’s The Last of Us has finally occurred. The creatives’ disdain for the source material and all its characters is now evident. This week’s episode, “Kin,” is not only as poorly written and CW-esque as all its predecessors, but the show has now crossed from …

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