The Witcher 3 Trailer Shows Contempt

The Time of Contempt is upon us. Netflix’s Witcher universe has miraculously managed to make it to its 3rd season, which will allegedly adapt the 2nd novel of the Witcher series, Time of Contempt. Claim after claim and lie after lie has spewed forth from the maw of Lauren Hissrich, claiming that she has finally gotten it right, that this season will finally be accurate to the source material, simultaneously contradicting her claims that she loves the source material. If she loves it, why has it taken three seasons, two spin-offs, two anime films, countless supporting recastsone major recast, and potentially 1 billion dollars spent for her finally to get it right? Now, Witcher season 3 is mere weeks away, and it has finally released its first full trailer.

“Empty platitudes” is the best way to describe this trailer. It’s just more of the same; void lines, pointless phrases, middling action, no progression of the story, and, of course, less Henry Cavill than there should be. This trailer was ratioed within the first few hours of release and is getting eviscerated online. Boredom and anger have finally swept through the viewing public as they reject this cheaply and contemptuous made garbage. Absolutely none of the source material from Time of Contempt was shown, stealing more from the video games, which they do not have the rights to, than the books, which they do. Nothing of note or interest was included. Perhaps the viewership for even season 3, Cavill’s departure, will disappoint even before he leaves, and Netflix’s audience vanishes entirely.

Canon is still a joke to these people, and Lauren Hissrich is still an incompetent liar. Witcher season 3, part 1 releases on Netflix on June 29th, with part 2 following on July 27th.

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