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Could Henry Cavil Be Marvel’s Mr. Fantastic?

Marvel may be recruiting its newest hero from their Distinguished Competition. Giant Freaking Robot claims their “trusted and proven sources” tell them that Marvel is auditioning Henry Cavill for a role in the MCU. While they can’t confirm who Cavill would play, there’s solid speculation tha...

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An Interview With ThatTuggLife

Blabbering Collector: How did you get into Geeks + Gamers? ThatTuggLife: Before Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker came out, I was on Reddit, and one user leaked a whole bunch of information, like the Rey and Kylo kiss, Rey’s yellow lightsaber, the two lightsabers, Luke and Leia’s Force Gh...

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A DC Entertainment Revamp is in the Works

A new Crisis reset could be coming to DC Entertainment. Variety exclusively reports that, following its acquisition of WarnerMedia from AT&T (boy, that was a short stewardship, wasn’t it?), Discovery – the parent company of networks such as The Discovery Channel, Food Network, and Animal Pla...

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The Witcher Season 3 is Officially in Production

Following a lackluster and overall underwhelming second season, Netflix’s The Witcher is moving full steam ahead with the production of season 3. Making the announcement on their official Twitter page, The Witcher crew had this to say, “Our family is back together again. #TheWitcher Season 3 is ...

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REVIEW: The Witcher – Season 2 (2021)

You know what my problem is? Hope. When I see a show that’s flawed but interesting, I have this undying hope that the next season will learn from whatever mistakes were made while maintaining whatever impressed me. This has burnt me several times, most notably in the transition from Legend of Korr...

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The Witcher Season 2 Trailer Pursues Destiny

This Friday, October the 29th, Netflix finally released a trailer for The Witcher season 2. The streaming giant had previously released stills and announced new cast members, including Kristofer Hivju of Game of Thrones fame. Following a flawed but successful first season, the second installment wil...

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