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Songwriters Surprised by Frozen III Announcement

Collider recently interviewed Robert Lopez and Kristen Anderson-Lopez, the married songwriting duo behind The Book of Mormon, WandaVision, and Disney’s Frozen franchise. The interview is mostly about their new Hulu series Up Here, but Collider does ask about Frozen III near the end. Check out...

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Doctor Who Trolls Fans with Cringe Multi-Platform “Doom’s Day” Announcement

After all the damage done to the Doctor Who franchise and the fanbase’s investment, the fans need to be wooed back. However, the decisions made by Russel T. Davies and his new regime have done nothing to do that. No substantial effort has been made to rehabilitate the audience’s love for Doctor ...

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REVIEW: Carnival Row – Season 2, Episodes 9 and 10, “Battle Lines” and “Carnival Row”

***SPOILERS*** “Battle Lines” finds Tourmaline realizing the extent of her powers. Leonora asks Vignette to join the New Dawn so the Ravens will follow. Imogen wonders if she should address parliament. Philo asks Tourmaline to cast a spell to draw the sparas out. Millworthy is going to a...

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Willow Canceled on Disney+ After One Season

Deadline exclusively reports that Disney+ has given Willow the axe after its first season. Ron Howard’s 1988 cult classic fantasy film inspired the continuation series of the same name on the service, with Warwick Davis returning as the titular dwarf/sorcerer. But the show’s numbers appa...

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REVIEW: The Bad Batch – Season 2, Episode 13, “Pabu”

***SPOILERS*** “Pabu” finds Phee and the Batch dealing with some shady customers. After learning about their split from Cid, Phee takes the Batch to Pabu, her home planet. Omega immediately hits it off with mayor Shep Hazard’s daughter Lyana, and Phee suggests they stay and raise O...

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Feminist Doctor Who Spin-Off Rumored

The rumored spin-offs to Doctor Who have begun to come into focus as several mainstream publications, such as Deadline, have reported that they have insider information about these spin-offs. According to Deadline, the “Whoniverse” will begin with two spin-offs, one featuring classic Doctor Who ...

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