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Marvel's Avengers
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Developer Crystal Dynamics and Publisher Square Enix’s action-brawler game Marvel’s Avengers was released on September 4, 2020, and after three years and only a few DLCs, they have announced that continued support for the game will stop on September 30, 2023. They also said that they are still releasing their Winter Soldier DLC and that, …

Payday 3 trailer
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This New Year’s Eve, GameSpot dropped a teaser trailer for Payday 3. Many fans of Payday 1 and 2 got a treat in the announcement of the third installment. The video shows the New York City Skyline with the World Trade Center and the Brooklyn Bridge in the shot as fireworks go off. The camera pans back, …

Crisis Core
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Back when the PSP was the console everyone wanted, hack-and-slash games were the majority of action games that became popular. One of the most popular on PSP was Crisis Core. Crisis Core was the first game that got me into the Final Fantasy VII story. I thought it would be great to play the game again and then play …

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