New Deadpool 3 Image Features Dogpool

There are a bunch of spoiler pictures from the set of Deadpool 3 floating around social media, but this one is official, non-spoilery, and a lot more wholesome. The makers of (or the marketing department behind) Deadpool 3 created an Instagram account called Dogpool, showing images of the dog who will play the canine companion of Wade Wilson in the film. Today, the account posted a picture of the dog with Ryan Reynolds in his Deadpool makeup, licking the burns on his face as Reynolds looks incredulously at the camera. Deadpool 3 has resumed filming now that the actors’ strike is over and is scheduled to be released on July 26, 2024. You can see the Dogpool image below:

Deadpool 3 Dogpool

I read the early Deadpool run by Joe Kelly, but I’m not steeped enough in Wade’s lore to know the story behind Dogpool. And there is a story; I originally assumed Dogpool was made up for the movie, perhaps having spawned from Ryan Reynolds’ imagination, but he’s from the comics. Reynolds seems particularly excited about Dogpool, which makes me interested in seeing what he’s like, too. Deadpool 3 is easily the most interesting Marvel movie in the pipeline, and it’s getting frustrating having spoilers pop up all over Twitter. Seeing something a little lighter is nice, and it’s a fun way to advertise for the film as well. We may be in for a flood of Dogpool costumes come Halloween 2023, and not just for the pets.

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