Star Wars in Drag Coming to Celebration

Yet another announcement has come out of Star Wars Celebration. This time, That Gay Jedi revealed on Twitter that there will be a drag panel called Star Wars is a Drag. Check out the announcement here:

The tweet has been met mostly with mockery. I don’t have any problem with drag, but I question what it has to do with Star Wars and why it needs its own panel. If a group of fans simply showed up in drag, cool. It’s Star Wars’ insistence on being part of it that’s odd. The words “virtue signaling,” like many others, are overused these days, but it looks like that’s precisely what Lucasfilm is doing. I don’t mind them having a panel; if people don’t like it, they can skip it. And I can’t afford to go to Europe anyway. But it is odd, and I’m not surprised by the outcry.

But what do you think? Talk to us in the comments!

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