Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow Gets a Writer

Now that the strikes are over, we’re going to learn a lot about James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU. The first important piece of the post-strike puzzle comes exclusively from The Hollywood Reporter, which reveals that Ana Nogueira will write Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow. If her name sounds familiar, it’s likely because Nogueira had been hired to write another Supergirl movie, one that would have starred Sasha Calle, who played the character in The Flash. That project was scrapped when Gunn and Safran took over, but they liked what Nogueira did with the previous script and not only brought her back for the new version of Supergirl but gave her “an overall DC writing deal.” So don’t be surprised if she takes on another DC film or two.

I’m not sure if this is good or bad because Ana Nogueira doesn’t have much writing work under her belt. She wrote a short film called “We Win” and an off-Broadway play from a year ago, and that’s it. That doesn’t mean she’s a bad writer; she could be great, and clearly, Gunn and Safran saw something in her. But it’s hard for anyone else to judge; it’s also important to keep in mind that these guys brought back the director who made The Flash for the next Batman movie. But it’s nice that she’s getting another shot at something she probably poured a lot of heart into, only to see it discarded. I wonder what other DC movies she’ll write with that overall deal. Supergirl is actually scheduled towards the end of the line of projects Gunn announced in January; only Swamp Thing comes after it. It’s kind of funny how the later stuff seems to be coming together faster; James Mangold is in talks to direct Swamp Thing, and The Brave and the Bold has Andy Muschietti signed up, but there hasn’t been any movement on Lanterns, The Authority, or Paradise Lost, all of which are supposed to come earlier. I wonder if that was a rough outline Gunn gave, and the order is flexible. Slowly, the DCU is forming; we’ll see if it’s sturdy once the movies are released.

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