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Jason Momoa’s DC Future Looks Bright

Another DCEU veteran has seemingly avoided Henry Cavill’s fate. Jason Momoa has indicated that he’ll be a part of the DC Film Universe under DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran. In a video he posted in his Instagram stories (and which you can see in the tweet below, courtesy of The Ho...

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James Gunn Weighs in on DC Report, More on Wonder Woman 3

Some clarification – depending on what turns out to be true – has come regarding yesterday’s DC Studios exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter. First, James Gunn took to Twitter to comment on it: Gunn’s statement makes sense, and again, I like how he goes straight to fans via Twitter instead ...

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Wonder Woman 3 Out, Cavill’s Superman in Flux, and More on DC

DC is venturing into the unknown. James Gunn and Peter Safran, the co-CEOs of DC Studios, are said to have a rough outline of their plan for the DC Film Universe and will present it to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav next week. The Hollywood Reporter has some exclusive news and rumors from ...

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REVIEW: Young Justice Season 4: Phantoms Episode 26, “Death and Rebirth”

***SPOILERS*** “Death and Rebirth” finds Conner, Dru, and Lor-Zod preparing to execute Superman. Nightwing is alive and well after all, revealing he cut his own forehead and used Batman’s technique to slow his heartbeat. M’gann and Zatanna likewise used illusion magic and tel...

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REVIEW: Young Justice – Season 4: Phantoms Episode 25, “Over and Out”

***SPOILERS*** “Over and Out” picks up where “Zenith and Abyss” left off, with Lor-Zod introducing himself to his parents. Green Lantern Forager breaks through the Kaizer-Thrall’s ray just enough to attack the Zods and M’comm, but they push her back. Zod sends one of his warriors back in...

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REVIEW: Young Justice Season 4: Phantoms Episode 24, “Zenith and Abyss”

*SPOILERS* In “Zenith and Abyss,” Lor-Zod is on Oa searching for the Kaizer-Thrall. Green Lantern Tomar-Tu tells him that the object is on its way to Earth. Lor tells him he hopes he turns out like his father, Tomar-Re. In the Phantom Zone, Dick and the others have found Conner. They offer to ta...

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