Variety Says Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller are Gone from DC

If some inside information delivered to Variety is true, we have a better understanding of James Gunn and Peter Safran’s DCU. In the article that was primarily about Amber Heard alleging a toxic work environment on the set of Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, Variety revealed that its sources claim all of the major DCEU/Snyderverse/Caputsville actors are gone, including Gal Gadot and Ezra Miller. The exceptions are the ones Gunn mentioned a couple of weeks ago and Jason Momoa, who is “in talks” to return as Lobo rather than Aquaman. If it works out, Momoa’s Lobo will appear either in Superman: Legacy or a solo movie. There’s also a feeling among some at Warner Bros. that Universal will buy the legendary studio “within two years,” so more changes could be on the horizon, especially if Gunn and Safran’s vision doesn’t bear quick fruit.

Well, that clears things up a little, if it’s true. I liked Gal Gadot very much as Wonder Woman, but it makes sense to simply start from scratch, especially if you’re jettisoning Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck. It makes me wonder about Gadot’s comments concerning her Wonder Woman future; she seemed to be under the impression that she was promised, or at least had it strongly suggested to her, that she would be back. So, either she was lying to the press, or Gunn and Safran lied to her. Either is possible; I can see Gadot using a rumor like that as a negotiating tactic to drum up public support for her return, but Gunn has also – let’s be kind and say “changed his mind” – about a lot of things with his DCU. It does seem a bit silly to get rid of Gadot and the others, but bring back John Cena, Viola Davis, and Xolo Maridueña; if you’re going to have an entirely new slate of actors, make it entirely new, especially when you’re dropping ones people love. It’s hard to argue against those who assume Gunn is keeping actors associated with the projects he worked on, The Suicide Squad and Peacemaker. But if this information is correct, I guess we can wave goodbye to Gal Gadot, who now must live with the indignity of her last significant portrayal of the character with whom she’s most associated being Wonder Woman 1984. As for Ezra Miller, I’m not going to pretend to feel bad.

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