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Fast X Trailer Arrives Before the Super Bowl

A racer can’t stay parked for long. Today, Universal released the full trailer for Fast X, the tenth Fast and Furious movie (or the tenth movie in “The Fast Saga,” or whatever I’m supposed to call these). This trailer is the one that will play during the Super Bowl on Sunday; if you can figu...

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Empire Has Exclusive Fast X Images

The marketing campaign for the next Fast and Furious movie is trying to shoulder its way past 2023’s other blockbusters. Empire has a short interview with Louis Leterrier, the director of Fast X, that’s broken up into two articles, as well as some exclusive images featuring Vin Diesel’s Domini...

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Jason Momoa’s DC Future Looks Bright

Another DCEU veteran has seemingly avoided Henry Cavill’s fate. Jason Momoa has indicated that he’ll be a part of the DC Film Universe under DC Studios co-CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran. In a video he posted in his Instagram stories (and which you can see in the tweet below, courtesy of The Ho...

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James Gunn Weighs in on DC Report, More on Wonder Woman 3

Some clarification – depending on what turns out to be true – has come regarding yesterday’s DC Studios exclusive from The Hollywood Reporter. First, James Gunn took to Twitter to comment on it: Gunn’s statement makes sense, and again, I like how he goes straight to fans via Twitter instead ...

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Wonder Woman 3 Out, Cavill’s Superman in Flux, and More on DC

DC is venturing into the unknown. James Gunn and Peter Safran, the co-CEOs of DC Studios, are said to have a rough outline of their plan for the DC Film Universe and will present it to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav next week. The Hollywood Reporter has some exclusive news and rumors from ...

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Did Jason Momoa Testify at Depp-Heard Trial?

If the news media were hoping to hold onto a shred of their credibility, The Los Angeles Times has now made that all but impossible. In yet another piece attempting to cast Depp’s victory as a tragic blow against all women since Joan of Arc, The L.A. Times included a paragraph detailing video test...

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