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Star Wars Outlaws Wants You to Pay Extra to Get All the Content

If you’ve been paying attention to it, the reaction to Star Wars Outlaws, the new video game from Ubisoft set in the galaxy far, far away that feels smaller than your neighborhood, is not being received with much enthusiasm. But don’t worry; Ubisoft planned for that. Star Wars Outlaws, which is ...

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The Return of GamerGate | The GamerGate 2 Report

All I wanted to do was laugh at some pronoun fluids and Canadians doing land acknowledgments and calling themselves “settlers.” Instead, I present to you a comprehensive, multi-part series on Gamergate, Sweet Baby Inc., and wokeness in video games. Please, play nice. During the dangerous process...

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Melonie Mac was Suspended from Twitch, and Opinions are Flying

A few days ago, popular gamer and streamer Melonie Mac was suspended from Twitch for two weeks for “hateful conduct.” While she hasn’t been told what action caused her to be suspended – which you’d think they would want to tell someone – Mac suspects it’s the clip below: Mac sees this ...

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