The Return of GamerGate | The GamerGate 2 Report

All I wanted to do was laugh at some pronoun fluids and Canadians doing land acknowledgments and calling themselves “settlers.” Instead, I present to you a comprehensive, multi-part series on Gamergate, Sweet Baby Inc., and wokeness in video games. Please, play nice.

Gamergate 2During the dangerous process of researching this story, I stumbled my way into becoming a “games journalist.” Disgusting, I know! But it’s a burden that I must bear so I can do my part in making sure that Kotaku doesn’t make it past 2024. And maybe, just maybe, we can save video games from the woke mind virus.

Gamergate 2

This story starts over a decade ago, with crazed feminists complaining about sexism in video games. In response, Gamers rose up to very strongly disagree with the shrill harpies. Gleefully, the all-powerful “games journalists” declared the majority of Gamers their enemies. Yet again, the Gamers very strongly disagreed. And that refusal to submit to the media is how the nerd war truly began.

Gamergate 2Many expansion packs and DLCs have been released throughout the years, but in 2024, with the Sweet Baby Inc. controversy going mainstream… we’ve finally arrived at GamerGate 2.

Gamergate 1

To understand the current story, you have to go back to the beginning. The slippery slope ramped up into the fabricated panic of sexism in gaming” around 2010. This manufactured outrage came to a fever pitch with “games journalists” declaring “Gamers are dead and over” in 2014.

Through the smoke and haze, #GamerGate became a rallying cry. And since then, “games journalists” have been using it as a straw man to attack us any time Gamers fight back against the decline of gaming.

Just like in Hollywood and comic books, feminists used harassment and discrimination allegations to gain power in the video game industry, in the process, creating a woke racket of companies and non-profits like Feminist Frequency, Women in Games, and Dames Making Games. The identity-obsessed strong-arming industry has flourished since the Trump election hysteria and BLM grift infected the West, giving us a new batch of neo-Marxist saboteurs like Sweet Baby Inc., GaymerX, and Black Girl Gamers.

Gamergate 2This rise of victimhood grifters is how we came to know names like Anita Sarkeesian, Zoe Quinn, and now Kim Belair. Woke women like these were championed by the “games journalists” and repeatedly called Game Changers.” And now, through their efforts, the culture has shifted so far to the Left that these AAA studios don’t even need outside help from woke consultants to ruin their video games with divisive ideologies.

As the gender and race-obsessed crazies moved from indies to AAA gaming, the Gamers have taken notice, and they aren’t enthused about being charged $70 and a Battle Pass for the pleasure of being preached to by the woke mob.

Modern Gamers have had to become much more discerning customers, due, in part, to an increasing price tag, unreliable “games journalists” reviews, and Far-Left ideology infecting countless games – which is exactly why Kabrutus and his Steam curator page, Sweet Baby Inc, Detected, has surpassed 300k followers.

Gamergate 2The Cultural Shift Comes for Gaming

The laughable “games journalists” insist that we are merely imagining the Far-Left shift in media, business, and government. I strongly disagree. This overly long report is about disabusing anyone of those absurd notions and gaslighting.

Gamergate 2For example, in 2023, Dove launched their Real Virtual Beauty campaign, “a series of commitments challenging female representation in video games.” This was in partnership with Epic Games’ Unreal Engine and the non-profit Women in Games.

Gamergate 2

Gamergate 2The most notable thing to come out of this partnership was an ad about a fat, ugly female gamer wanting her in-game character to be as fat and ugly as herself in real life. Inspiring.

The full story and trailer include an assortment of diverse women: one who appears to be mentally handicapped, another in a wheelchair, an overweight Latina, and an albino black woman. Cringe and preachy and stupid.

The Evolution of the Grift

Now, back to the laughable “games journalists.” Despite being a glorified tabloid, Kotaku was once considered an authoritative news source. And yet, the odds of Kotaku making it past 2024 are lowering by the day. Over the years, Kotaku became despised by Gamers of all colors, lifestyles, and backgrounds. So, how did that happen?

Gamergate 2In the beginning of “games journalism,” magazines like Nintendo Power and GamePro were practically brochure catalogs written by the publishers. Like most entertainment media, “games journalism” is access media. Bad reviews or too much scrutiny means no early copies of games, no Mountain Dew or Doritos sponsorship, and no advertising. Therefore, no “games journalism.”

In the digital age, games media has become more competitive and desperate, which spawned the rage baiters, selling their integrity for hate clicks and clout to chase dwindling ad revenue.

Gamergate 2

As Gamers discovered during Gamergate, it wasn’t just a few bad apples; it was an incestuous ball of corruption and mental illness throughout the industry. They are the exact reason that I’m disgusted at the idea of becoming a “games journalist.” Gross!

Gamergate 2

The media portrays Gamergate as solely a harassment campaign, but it was always a reaction to the attacks on Gamers by the media and industry. Kotaku, Polygon, and the other “games journalistsclickbaited incessantly, endlessly printing claims of sexual harassment and lack of representation. Meanwhile, non-profits like the ADL created lesson plans on “Women, Video Games and Sexism,” and researchers studiously looked into “Sexism in online video games: The role of conformity to masculine norms and social dominance orientation.”

As expected, a decade later, these exact same “games journalists” and non-profits took the bait and had to weigh in on the Sweet Baby Inc. controversy. Here is just a small number of the headlines produced by these hacks:Gamergate 2

Where We’re Headed

With mainstream figures like Elon Musk, Asmongold, and Matt Walsh weighing in, this story won’t be going away for years. Gamergate 2 has finally been released. It’s just like Gamergate 1, but now, they’re all a different gender, woke has made its way into the AAA studios, and “games journalists” have no power.

For the next several years, every single complaint by Gamers will be labeled as Gamergate by the surviving “games journalists.” To prepare, this multi-part series will brief you on everything that you need to know about wokeness in gaming and how we can stop it, covering topics like Gamergate 1, the state of AAA gaming, Sweet Baby Inc., Gamergate 2, the woke non-profits in gaming, Weird Ghosts, ESG, government surveillance of Gamers, and how we can replace Kotaku by becoming the games media.

The Sweet Baby Inc. story is much bigger than one consulting firm; it’s about the woke mind virus infecting every aspect of Western civilization. Stay tuned for the rest of the story, exclusively here at Geeks + Gamers. Tell us in the comments if any of your favorite games were ruined by wokeness, and find out how to become a “games journalist” like me by clicking here.

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March 22, 2024 at 2:14 am

This article is good work. Very detailed, specific and thorough.
Thanks a ton for it. It’s super important to document all these things in blogs and articles for a historical account. The names of the crybullies must never be forgotten. Make ’em famous.

March 22, 2024 at 6:42 am

This was a great read and a great article, but it was hard to follow because there was just so many YouTube videos and images and links to other things going on all over. This is good stuff, let us take it in!

If you had an addendum with a lot of links showing just how terribly things spiraled out of control that would have made this more enjoyable to read IMO.

I really liked the article thumbnail with the conspiracy board and the geeks and gamers log, very well done!

March 22, 2024 at 6:51 pm

Great work, for a “game’s journalisming”

March 24, 2024 at 8:20 pm

Great article Erwin, I agree that this has been going on long enough and find the echo chamber these people have created to be just ridiculous. People don’t play games for representation, they play it to have fun and it must be kept that way.

March 27, 2024 at 1:44 pm

Holy investigative journalism Batman! We need more of this if we’re going to win the culture war.

March 28, 2024 at 10:10 pm

We need as many people shining lights on n this bs as possible. Keep up the good work guys!

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