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Nerdrotic Talks Video Games, Comic Books, Sports, and Jerry Seinfeld with Will Cain

Nerdrotic is giving the mainstream media the 411 on the 199. Gary appeared on today’s episode of the Fox News podcast The Will Cain Show, where he talked about the woke infestation of entertainment, Gamergate 2, journalism and its war with fans, and Jerry Seinfeld. This follows Gary’s appearance...

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Games Journalist Tricked Into Reporting Fantastical Grummz Story

Games journalists may have developed a condition we can call GDS, or Grummz Derangement Syndrome. Grummz is the social media handle for Mark Kern, a former Blizzard producer who has been leading the charge to remove DEI and wokeness from gaming in what has been dubbed “GamerGate 2” (the real mas...

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Games Journalists Attack Gamers and Mark Kern

If you want to know how the recent reaction from gamers over the woke influence in video games – GamerGate 2, if you want to call it that – is going, take a look at the reaction from games journalists. They’re attacking gamers and Mark Kerns, the former Blizzard producer who goes by Grummz on ...

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Bob Iger Was Right

Bob Iger was right – the word “woke” doesn’t mean what his critics may think it does. If you had told me ten years ago about how some new movie or video game was “woke,” I would have been like, “You speakin’ Chinese to me, bruh?” But deep down, I’d know what you meant. Today, &he...

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The Woke Takeover of Video Games | The GamerGate 2 Report

This article is part of a larger series, The GamerGate 2 Report. Check out the first article here. Please, play nice and do your own research. Sweet Baby Inc. Detected has rekindled the media’s outspoken hatred of gamers, finally giving us a long sought-after sequel: GamerGate 2. The woke mind vir...

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BBC Video Game Commentator Wants a “Final Purge” of Gamers

Games journalists want you gone. You probably figured that already, but they’re coming right out with it now. On March 22, 2024, the consulting firm Black Girl Gamers posted on X about starting a Steam curator similar to Sweet Baby Inc. Detected that would list the games they were involved in deve...

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