Games Journalists Attack Gamers and Mark Kern

If you want to know how the recent reaction from gamers over the woke influence in video games – GamerGate 2, if you want to call it that – is going, take a look at the reaction from games journalists. They’re attacking gamers and Mark Kerns, the former Blizzard producer who goes by Grummz on social media. A few days ago, Ryan Easby, “who has freelanced for various outlets including NME, PCGamesN, The Escapist. TheGamer, Gayming Magazine, and others,” according to That Park Place, started what he called a “campaign to kick Mark Kern in the balls.” He deleted the X post, of course, but Kern has an image that he shared:

Several others joined the “campaign,” including John Phipps, the host of a podcast called Super Deluxe GamesCast:

So too did Michael Maurino, who is an art director at Easy Games and a former senior concept artist at Riot Games:

Easby has also called for a mass reporting of Kern, similar to how a Sweet Baby Inc. employee tried to get people to mass report Kabrutus and his Sweet Baby Inc. Detected curator:

That Park Place also has a litany of X posts where Easby insisted that one cannot be racist against white people, which seems to be a particular bugaboo with games journalists. Is that initial post a legitimate call to violence? I don’t know, but I do remember several years ago when leftists decided it was okay to “punch Nazis,” and several years of violence from that side ensued. I think the more important point, though, is that they are very angry with Mark Kern, so much so that they really want to attack him, whether it’s a fantasy or not. I don’t think they’d be this mad if Kern and the gamers who agree with him weren’t making an impact. Kabrutus mentioned that a game developer who had hired Sweet Baby Inc. told him they were going to eliminate any aspect of their game that involved the consulting firm; that’s a significant indicator that they and their brand of influence are seen as liabilities now. And Kern recently called for gamers who agree with him to stop buying AAA games for two years to effect real change, which would obviously be disastrous for the gaming industry. This ridiculous overreaction is proof.

Elsewhere on X, Jessica Cogswell, an editor at GameSpot, took aim at “incel gamer dudes” for wanting “hot characters” and representation (because good-looking people uniformly love DEI, I guess), then mocked people for responding and, when challenged on her representation comment, doubled down. Cogswell’s X account is locked, but here are screenshots, courtesy of That Park Place:

Games journalists attack

Again, That Park Place has collected examples of her being an obnoxious, woke weirdo on social media. The projection is astounding but, once again, familiar; they always accuse their ideological opponents of what they do, like cheating spouses who point  the finger at the loved one they’re betraying. But, as with the call for assaulting Mark Kern in his privates, this is illuminating because it suggests they know how people view calls for representation because they’re using it to attack. These feel like acts of desperation, which is a hopeful sign for the future of gaming.

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