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This article is part of a larger series, The GamerGate 2 Report. Check out the first article here. Please, play nice and do your own research.

Sweet Baby Inc. Detected has rekindled the media’s outspoken hatred of gamers, finally giving us a long sought-after sequel: GamerGate 2.

woke video games

The woke mind virus has thoroughly infected gaming through media outlets and non-profits social-engineering the industry. This was primarily carried out through accusations of harassment and a lack of inclusion for “underrepresented groups.”

As our culture raced down the slippery slope, the gaslighting media went from nudging society towards their goals to sledgehammering the Overton Window wide open. The social engineers seemed to be taking only a small bit of ground each time; in retrospect, our culture experienced a monumental shift in the last decade.

At this point, it’s almost certain that games journalists will be labeling every bit of gamer backlash as GamerGate 2. So, it’s important to remember where we started so that we can see how far we’ve come in this last decade of the culture war. You’ll quickly realize that GamerGate 2 is the exact same thing as GamerGate 1, but now, everyone is a different gender.

woke video games

Zoe Quinn and The Five Guys

You’re transported back to 2012-2014, and indie games are all the rage. And just like indie culture, the hipsters have taken over. Walking simulators. Wacky platformers. Narrative adventures! Some of them are barely even games. And it’s the perfect target for the talentless woke grifters.

Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest was being considered for Steam’s Greenlight program back when Steam didn’t let every single animated Hentai novel onto its platform. As the legend goes, a message board was not happy about Zoe appearing to get special treatment for what many considered to be a non-game.

According to Zoe, the forum users were harassing her and her “game.” Or, could it be? Was it completely fabricated by Zoe? Was she just being a cry-bully? Regardless of the truth, Anita Sarkeesian and the “women in games” cartel became very upset with gamers.

The subsequent media scolding was incessant, but in August 2014, The Zoe Post was released into the culture war. Eron Gjoni, the ex-boyfriend of Zoe Quinn, posted a lengthy and detailed diatribe about the alleged psychological abuse he endured from Zoe, all while she allegedly cheated on him with “The Five Guys.” In this post-break-up manifesto, Eron included a considerable number of private messages as proof of his accusations.

woke video games

Out of “The Five Guys,” three of them are specifically named, all connected to the games industry – allegedly, an indie game award judge, a married indie game dev who was her employer, and a games journalist for Kotaku and Rock Paper Shotgun. She’d apparently slept around the entire industry! After being attacked for over four years, the gamers and internet sleuths pounced on this story.

Was Zoe sleeping around to get awards and positive coverage for Depression Quest? Is that why this non-game was receiving so much attention and praise? The dreadful games journalist Nathan Grayson had even written a few articles that included Zoe, her non-game, and a failed YouTube game jam show.

Is it a bombshell revelation that shook the foundations of the industry to its core? No, but it was certainly enough to ask questions about journalistic integrity and potential collusion. Kotaku’s stance was that the relationship with Grayson started a couple of weeks after the article, so it was perfectly ethical. Eron Gjoni clarified that he didn’t believe that they were in a relationship at the time the articles were written.

woke video games

Ethics In Games Journalism

The games journalists had been breathlessly awaiting any baseless accusation they could print against men in the industry. So, the industry gave the same treatment to Zoe Quinn and her well-resourced accusations, right? Absolutely not. The chat boards locked down, and the games journalists became white knights for Zoe.

The gamers and internet sleuths dared to defy the games journalists and kept digging. In the meantime, allegations of harassment and threats continued against figures like Anita Sarkeesian of Feminist Frequency. So, gamers were attacked and censored even more strongly by the industry, which created a Streisand Effect. And, thanks to the guy from Firefly, #GamerGate was eventually born.

Did the gamers win? No. Games journalists announced “the death of gamers” and declared that it was time to move on from that identity. But were the gamers right? Was this some wild Quinnspiracy? Kinda. At the least, there appeared to be collusion among the media in regards to coverage of Zoe Quinn, which was exposed by Milo Yiannopoulos of Breitbart, leading to many of the accusations of #GamerGate being alt-right and getting Trump elected.

woke video games

The saga continued as Zoe Quinn disrupted a game jam for women hosted by The Fine Young Capitalists. This brought 4chan to the rescue and led to the creation of Vivian James. An absolutely heartwarming story; as expected, the social justice warriors were furious. After this incident, the gamers were vindicated; Zoe Quinn was a manipulative sociopath and a liar. Apparently, The Zoe Files had been confirmed, and 4chan were the good guys. Allegedly.

woke video games

The Woke Invasion

As time passed, that incestuous pile of woke developers, games media, and non-profits grew and grew. It perfectly highlights the slippery slope of letting the crazies take even an inch. As their power grew, so did their allegations. The women in games cartel began using #MeToo allegations to take over the industry, eventually resulting in the death of a man. How the hell did we get there?

By the end of 2014, Anita Sarkeesian was doing the media rounds to warn the world about GamerGate. She even appeared on The Colbert Report.

In 2015, Anita Sarkeesian and Zoe Quinn spoke at the United Nations about their harassment allegations, demanding more moderation and inclusion. And yet, that same year, a GamerGate journalist event had to be evacuated after multiple bomb threats, highlighting that the alleged harassment campaign wasn’t as one-sided as the women in games always portrayed it.

Games summed up the state of the industry at that time with an article entitled “Women in Games: Everyone needs a hero”: “The gender imbalance in the video games business, and tech in general, is not news to anyone, but to professionals following the industry it’s become crystal clear that promoting diversity across the board (not just gender) is one way to safeguard its future growth.”

In 2016, Donald Trump rose to prominence and pushed the woke mob of mentally ill and depressed sociopaths to the point of derangement. The woke mind virus mutated into a far more virulent form. Just a couple of months after his election, Zoe Quinn was non-binary. Somehow, GamerGate was blamed for getting Trump elected.

By 2017, the games journalists were worried to death about some mythical Alt-Right boogeyman and were obsessed with the Pewdiepipeline! Disney even severed ties with Pewdiepie for being too edgy.

woke video games

We were blessed in 2018 with the hilarious disaster that was Bully Hunters. According to the hacks at Polygon, “The Bully Hunters website described the collective as a ‘vigilante hit squad of elite female gamers’ who will enter CS:GO games when called upon.” The campaign blew up after a disastrous debut livestream and suffering their own accusations of homophobia and harassment.

This same year, the Battlefield 5 trailer was ratioed for having a disabled woman fighting in World War II. The women in games harpies had finally captured the AAA shooters after invading Call of Duty: Ghosts in 2013.

woke video games

The extortionists were so brazen that in 2019, Anita Sarkeesian openly strong-armed CD Projekt Red in an attempt to convince them to hire her as a consultant. This is what professional grifters like Sweet Baby Inc.’s CEO, Kim Belair, call “risk assessment.” And the consultants are there to mitigate the risk of being canceled by the Leftist mobs on social media. It’s the precursor to a “sensitivity reading.” It’s a racket. Allegedly.

Somehow, Zoe Quinn Returned…

A few months later, in 2019, several men in the video game industry were accused of sexual harassment and assault. Zoe Quinn jumped on the bandwagon and alleged that Night in the Woods developer Alec Holowka had sexually assaulted and manipulated her during their relationship. This allegation was the reverse of The Zoe Post, particularly in regards to the complete lack of evidence or corroboration.

Alec Holowka could have been guilty of the accusations. However, considering Zoe’s past behavior and the fabrication of so many #MeToo allegations, it was a bit too convenient and suspicious. It’s worth noting the ending of The Zoey Post: “TL;DR of TL;DR: Seriously, you really don’t want to trust Zoe Quinn.”

woke video games

Regardless, the media and women in games cartel ran with the allegations, smearing the names of these men through the media with only social media allegations as proof.

Similarly to Depression Quest and other narrative games, Night in the Woods showcased the team’s neuroses, anxieties, and troubles. Like so much of the video game industry, Alec Holowka was mentally ill. So, after having his name dragged through the mud by games journalists and being fired from his company, Alec Holowka committed suicide. This is exactly the sort of tactic Zoe Quinn accused GamerGate of using on her during her United Nations presentation several years prior. “A lot of this involves trying to push people to suicide.”

Were the women in games and games journalists finally blamed for what they had done? Absolutely not. GamerGate was blamed for Alec’s suicide. The media acted like they did nothing wrong and obfuscated the truth by writing headlines just mentioning that Alec Holowka had died, completely hiding their role in the controversy that caused his suicide.

woke video games

Down The Rabbit Hole

And now, in 2024, while researching Sweet Baby Inc. and the gender of Chris Kindred, I stumbled upon a company and non-profit called Weird Ghosts and Baby Ghosts. They are Far-Left lunatics funding and sponsoring indie developers to make woke games with woke employees. And in their most recent announcement, Sweet Baby Inc. was part of their third cohort to receive $25k in funding. I posted the link and a few screenshots of the website on Twitter and left my home.

When I checked my DMs later, I learned that I had unknowingly stumbled into GamerGate. (Hat tip: Northern Nikki) The Weird Ghosts website was torn down for a night, and I had been blocked on Twitter. Wow! What sort of trouble had I started?

woke video games

The founder of Weird Ghosts is the non-binary sister of Alec Holowka. They/she is using Alec’s inherited company, Infinite Ammo, to fund Weird Ghosts, which, in turn, is now funding Sweet Baby Inc. with a $25k grant. The company also pushes DEI, pronoun fluids, and anti-capitalism. And because of my tweet with only 4k impressions, as far as I can tell, they scrubbed their websites. The Streisand Effect had been injected straight into my veins.

woke video games

The other co-founder of Weird Ghosts, Jennie Faber, was the co-founder and executive director of Dames Making Games. Zoe Quinn claims to have co-founded the organization, but seems to have just drunkenly inspired it. Jennie also had a falling out with the organization after not being paid for a decade of work, which appears to have left the organization in ruin.

woke video games

And that’s how I learned that GamerGate 2 is exactly like GamerGate 1, but they’re all a different gender now. And my stumbling upon this Weird Ghosts company led me even further down the rabbit hole, forcing me to finally research the history of this important battle in the culture war. As I made more and more connections, I realized that Sweet Baby Inc. and Weird Ghosts were just the tip of the iceberg.

I began this journey wanting to expose the games journalists and woke grifters, but in the process, I accidentally became a games journalist. A day before my first article was published, like a divine sign, Kotaku imploded. We are the media now.

woke video games

The Customer Will Always Win

The next article in this series will explore the declining state of modern AAA games and how they’ve been slowly infected with wokeness. The tension has been building for a decade, preparing us for the backlash against games like Spider-Man 2 and Suicide Squad. Video games have a huge audience, and as the agenda is pushed into more mainstream games, an enormous number of people are being exposed to the hideous ideology of the Far Left.

Not only are they attacking gamers as a culture and identity, but they’re attacking their customers. And in a fight between company and customer, the customer will always win. As the gamers stand up and flex their muscles, it’s important for all of us to join in and do our part to take back our culture and society from these mentally disturbed, gender-fluid creeps.

Let us know your thoughts on GamerGate down in the comments, and click here if you’ve got what it takes to become a G+G games journalist. Check out the first article in The GamerGate 2 Report. But, most importantly, play nice and do your own research. Allegedly.

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April 4, 2024 at 4:15 pm

This is great reporting. It needs to be read by every gamer. Well Done. Looking forward to part 3.

April 4, 2024 at 4:56 pm

The objective was to infiltrate organizations and change them from within. It worked, and now nearly all forms of art, entertainment, and creativity have turned to crap. Even the Metal scene has been infested with it. It’s time to take things back to what it once was before the over saturation of agenda’s and ideologies. Checkmarks and quotas. Stop cowering in fear because you might get cancelled.

    April 8, 2024 at 12:25 am

    What woke stuff is there in metal? XD I guarantee you Testament will NEVER put out a woke album XD And April 26 wokies are gonna SEE that WE run this motherfucker!!! B – )

April 4, 2024 at 7:27 pm

And a hat tip right back at you, good sir.

Excellent article!

April 8, 2024 at 12:22 am

LOL WHAT fucking woke takeover? XD April 26 you gonna see who’s in charge bitch boys and girls XD

April 8, 2024 at 12:24 am

Oh, and NEVER FORGET that Anita Skamsleezian threw herself a wedding themed birthday party XD

April 8, 2024 at 12:27 am

We can’t afford to get complacent? PSSSSSHHHH!!!! Please, Jeremy!!! This is going to be one of the EASIEST BOSSES I TAKE DOWN

You wanna know why?


I Babe Ruthed Regalla on Ultra Hard on the FIRST TRY WITHOUT DYING!!!

I didn’t say I beat Regalla on the first try without dying.


When I first saw that FAT UGLY BLACK RHINO in that Horizon Forbidden West cutscene? I KNEW. She was eventually going to be a boss fight.

I hate woke and the uglification of women in videogames SO MUCH!!!

That I pointed at my TV screen ☝

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Now? Did I beat her without using any healing items? LOL no

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Both my berry pouches were empty and I was down to three large health potions.

STILL COUNTS As beating her on the first try without dying on Ultra Hard

And I did NOT SPARE HER. I THOUGHT about it.

But then I thought about the part in Dying Light where you think about sparing the main villain.

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