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Benny Johnson Hits Two Million Subs!

Political YouTuber/commentator Benny Johnson of The Benny Show hit 2 million subscribers on YouTube today, a feat worthy of praise. Some may know of Benny from his several appearances on Friday Night Tights and Megacon Orlando this past February. Benny was also inspired by Gary (Nerdrotic) to create...

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One-Year Anniversary of The Most Epic G+G Daily Stream

A year ago, this day in Geeks + Gamers history brought us the infamous beginnings of MCU Fan. Now, some may be wondering, just who is this MCU Fan character? Where did he—oh, my mistake; I should not assume the sex—they come from, and why are they “infamous”? Well, it all began on a Friday &...

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X-Men ’97 Ends DDayCobra’s Career

We all have our favorite YouTube (or Rumble, etc.) personalities who we watch on livestreams. In fact, there are so many internet characters to choose from; it does make one picky about who they decide to watch. A lot of political channels, a lot of movie and television channels, pop culture, pop cu...

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Nerdrotic Talks Video Games, Comic Books, Sports, and Jerry Seinfeld with Will Cain

Nerdrotic is giving the mainstream media the 411 on the 199. Gary appeared on today’s episode of the Fox News podcast The Will Cain Show, where he talked about the woke infestation of entertainment, Gamergate 2, journalism and its war with fans, and Jerry Seinfeld. This follows Gary’s appearance...

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Ethan Van Sciver Campaign Gets Camelot 331 to NASCAR and Cyberfrog on the Car

You may have seen Camelot331, whose real name is Cody, in your YouTube travels, even if you don’t subscribe to him. He hosts the Camelcast podcast, makes videos about entertainment, pop culture, and GameStop, and has appeared on the Critical Drinker’s channel, among others. Cody is a race car d...

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Social Media User Targets Mrs. Nerdrotic and the Critical Drinker’s Family

We all know “haters gonna hate,” but it still feels jarring when you see the extent to which some people will take that maxim. This past week saw the annual Friday Night Tights Las Vegas Meet-Up, and it looked like a great time was had by all. But that didn’t stop some social media malcontent...

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