Benny Johnson Hits Two Million Subs!

And the Importance of the Culture War

Political YouTuber/commentator Benny Johnson of The Benny Show hit 2 million subscribers on YouTube today, a feat worthy of praise. Some may know of Benny from his several appearances on Friday Night Tights and Megacon Orlando this past February. Benny was also inspired by Gary (Nerdrotic) to create a YouTube channel, as Nerdrotic was one of Benny’s first YouTube subscriptions. Benny hosted a livestream earlier with a couple of familiar faces from the Fellowship: Jeremy (DDayCobra), Gary (who was on time for once—haha, love ya’, Gary!), and Ryan Kinel (RK Outpost). However, one that will be seen as either entertaining and “always right” if one knows the memes or controversial depending on who one speaks to is the Alex Jones from InfoWars, who has been on the political scene for decades and is known for his oftentimes outlandish and sporadic antics, as well as the good old conspiracy theories—whether believed or not (and who has also appeared on Friday Night Tights). 

Now, why bring up any political commentators on a pop culture site? Well, as the late and great Andrew Breitbart is quoted as saying, “Politics is downstream from culture.” As much as we would love to keep the two separate, being such large parts of society, they sometimes end up intertwined. But the bigger and more important by far is culture. It has been abandoned for far too long these past decades, being scoffed at as childish, but when there are poorly written books and films, who’s to blame? It’s also important to bridge this gap between the two, to have a mutual respect, as Benny does, for the nerd world whenever he graces FNT with his presence. We need this unity to be on display, that both fronts of the culture war are allies in the fight against the cult of DEI. 

There was also the victory of Elon Musk purchasing Twitter, now called X, and allowing many once-banned accounts back on the platform. Free speech is a staple in this war just as much as any other aspect of it, and it’s arguably the most important. If a society is not able to speak freely and voice its grievances without any fear of punishment, then is it a society at all? 

Feats such as this with content creators who are on the front lines need our support more than ever, even if it’s simply watching a livestream or liking a video. Any little thing helps, big or small, so never feel as though your view doesn’t count in the fight. 

Much kudos to Benny Johnson for reaching 2 million subs, and here’s to the next million milestone! And if you wish to check out the stream for yourself, please do so below! 

“Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it.”

— Thomas Paine

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May 15, 2024 at 4:27 am

Well deserved

May 15, 2024 at 7:28 am

Yeah, it really is. He was a new face on the scene to me. I did not know what to make of him. He said, at one time, Benny was a coach for a sport. He seems very All-American and straight forward. I am always suspicious of anyone online, but keep things quiet. Benny has always put out good content.

It was actually when Benny brought on a special guest on FNT and it turned out to be Vivek, that really won me over. Benny is a giver. Vivek has a huge brain and is an incredible communicator. Johnson is generous, a team player, a coach and definitely earned the 2 million. Furthermore, I’ll have you know, that it makes me think highly of his followers, that there are people out there who can still recognize a solid guy.

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