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The Critical Drinker Talks Movies, Star Wars, and Soccer with Will Cain

Will Cain downed some drinks with Will Jordan… well, not really, but we can assume the Drinker had a few adult beverages on hand. The erstwhile Critical Drinker appeared on The Will Cain Show – where Gary from Nerdrotic guested in May – to talk about the movie industry and what’s wrong with...

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Benny Johnson Hits Two Million Subs!

Political YouTuber/commentator Benny Johnson of The Benny Show hit 2 million subscribers on YouTube today, a feat worthy of praise. Some may know of Benny from his several appearances on Friday Night Tights and Megacon Orlando this past February. Benny was also inspired by Gary (Nerdrotic) to create...

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One-Year Anniversary of The Most Epic G+G Daily Stream

A year ago, this day in Geeks + Gamers history brought us the infamous beginnings of MCU Fan. Now, some may be wondering, just who is this MCU Fan character? Where did he—oh, my mistake; I should not assume the sex—they come from, and why are they “infamous”? Well, it all began on a Friday &...

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FNT Las Vegas Meetup 2024

Las Vegas. The city goes by many names, from “Sin City” to “Lost Wages.” Either way, it is a place that has gone down in infamy throughout the decades. I’ve never been the sort to feel a pull towards a city like Vegas since the things that occur there are essentially the polar opposite of ...

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Dean Cain Talks James Gunn’s Superman with Geeks + Gamers

James Gunn’s Superman movie – which is now officially called Superman – has begun filming, and whatever your expectations at this stage, everyone is eager to see what the new version of the world’s greatest superhero will be like. That includes Superman himself, Dead Cain, the co-star (with...

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Dean Cain Talks “Truth, Justice, and the American Way” with Geeks + Gamers

While a new Superman prepares to take flight on the silver screen, the Superman of the 90s is still saving the day. Dean Cain, who played the Man of Steel and his alter ego, Clark Kent, on the TV series Lois and Clark: The New Adventures of Superman, appeared on Geeks +Gamers Daily on the Geeks &he...

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