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IGN Used Mistranslated Comments From Black Myth: Wukong Developer

Games journalists are embarrassing themselves in their zeal to take down any game developer that doesn’t submit to their ideology. The other day, a rumor about games journalists and consulting firms like Sweet Baby Inc. joining forces to extort developers, specifically the company behind Black My...

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Games Journalists Target Black Myth: Wukong

Stellar Blade is yesterday’s news; games journalists and the rest of the perpetually offended have a new target: Black Myth: Wukong. Well, it’s not so new; a hate campaign has been going on since at least August of 2023. But it’s coming to light now because of a recent – and I have to stres...

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Culture War Update: A Glance into the Mirror as the Blood Splatters

The other day, I wrote an article that I’m regretting. Blood was in the water, targets were exposed, backs were turned, and I found myself driving the knife… It’s easy to get angry, to let the madness of the day fuel a building desire for revenge, to find excuses to wage war against those ...

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The Return of GamerGate | The GamerGate 2 Report

All I wanted to do was laugh at some pronoun fluids and Canadians doing land acknowledgments and calling themselves “settlers.” Instead, I present to you a comprehensive, multi-part series on Gamergate, Sweet Baby Inc., and wokeness in video games. Please, play nice. During the dangerous process...

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Az vs. Act Man: A Requiem for the Haters from the Geeks and the Gamers

Geek cannibalizes gamer in a world devoid of brotherhood as the networks of whisper pump us with poison. View counts tally as consumers shuffle rage baits. The algorithm craves its blood, and we happily oblige.  Having your guts spilled on Twitter for spectacle is just another given Sunday in our s...

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Protest Planned for Gina Carano’s Vancouver Fan Expo Appearance

If you thought the triggered whack jobs who panicked when Gina Carano was announced as a guest at the Vancouver Fan Expo were going to take her second appearance at the con lying down, you’ve got another thing coming. The modern witch burners are organizing a protest tomorrow, February 19, in fron...

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