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Old Dads Trailer is Hilarious Catharsis

Woke culture is about to take a ribbing on Netflix, as the streaming service has released a trailer for the upcoming comedy Old Dads. The film is co-written and directed by comedian Bill Burr and tells the story of a trio of friends who became fathers later in life and now must navigate the woke &he...

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REVIEW: Blonde (2022)

Netflix’s Blonde has been the center of controversy ever since the announcement that this Marilyn Monroe biopic would be rated NC-17. Now, the film is here, and the truth behind the speculation is revealed. Many early reviews from mainstream and access media sites have rated Blonde low, criticizin...

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REVIEW: The Irishman (2019)

Since the 1930s, the gangster has permeated cinema and given birth to some of the defining characters of the medium over the years, inspiring debate from fans and critics alike (including this reviewer’s thesis). From Edward G. Robinson’s Caesar Enrico Bandello in 1931’s Little Caesar to Marlo...

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