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Halle Bailey and Rachel Zegler Discuss Being Princesses

Halle Bailey and Rachel Zegler were featured on Variety’s latest episode of the Actors on Actors series. As the two Disney Princesses bonded over their relatively newfound fame, discussions of online hate and mutual support came up. Check out Bailey’s Tweet supporting Zegler here: And read e...

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Disney Dishes on Chris Pine’s Wish Villain

Back on September 21st, some of the makers of Disney’s upcoming animated movie Wish had a Q&A at the El Capitan theater when a scene from the film was screened. Check out some of Disney CCO Jennifer Lee’s comments here, via The Direct: “Well, for us, too, it was like we always wanted to...

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Rachel Zegler Trashes Snow White Again

Imagine someone so smug that they look at Brie Larson and Jennifer Lawrence and ask them both to hold their beers. That’s what Rachel Zegler is, and I don’t say “seems to be” because we’re way past the point of calling this one. Zegler is the actress playing Snow White in the upcoming live...

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Disney Grants New Wish Posters

Today, Disney shared new official character posters from their upcoming animated film Wish across social media. Check them out here, displaying heroine Asha (Ariana Debose) and villain King Magnifico (Chris Pine): These posters look good, and I’m mostly happy this movie will have an actual ant...

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Disney Denies, Then Reaffirms, Snow White Pics

Remember those Snow White remake pictures from yesterday? A Disney representative initially denied that they were real. Now, another Disney employee has admitted that they are real and are from the film’s set. However, they clarify that the pictures, which came courtesy of the Daily Mail, are ...

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First Snow White Remake Pics Hit Internet

Today,  a Daily Mail exclusive revealed the first images of Disney’s live-action Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs remake, simply titled Snow White. The film stars Rachel Zegler as the titular Princess, and the Seven Dwarfs have been replaced with less problematic fantasy creatures. Directed by...

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