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REVIEW: Doom Patrol – Season 4, Episode 9, “Immortimus Patrol”

“Immortimus Patrol ” is a musical-holiday episode. Immortimus is everyone’s favorite holiday, a special day to spend with family, being thankful for the great Immortus and all she has given. The antics reveal greater chemistry between Casey and Jane, even if the former doesn’...

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REVIEW: Doom Patrol – Season 4, Episodes 7 and 8, “Orqwith Patrol” and “Fame Patrol”

***SPOILERS*** In “Orqwith Patrol,” Rita and Madame Rouge are forced to deal with the fallout of their actions and avoid detection in the Ant Farm. Meanwhile, Jane, Cliff, and Vic are put in cages in Orqwith. Rita grapples with inadvertently killing a man as Rouge tells her to get a grip...

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James Gunn Explains DC TV Cancellations

James Gunn has been co-CEO of DC Studios for a whopping three months, and already he’s had his hands full. Back in December of 2022, he gave a brief overview of Warner Bros Discovery’s vision moving forward with DC, including the heartbreaking news that Henry Cavill would not be returning as Sup...

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REVIEW: Doom Patrol – Season 4, Episode 6, “Hope Patrol”

We’re six episodes into Doom Patrol season 4, and we’ve arrived at the midseason finale. While the fate of a potential season 5 and beyond is still in question under DC and Warner Bros.’s new leadership, I hope this season continues to satisfy. Let’s dig in. *SPOILERS* In ...

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REVIEW: Doom Patrol – Season 4, Episodes 4 and 5, “Casey Patrol” and “Youth Patrol”

*SPOILERS* In “Casey Patrol,” Dorothy shares the story of how she reclaimed her father’s necklace and reunited with him. She struggles with her life and doesn’t appreciate Danny. The Danny-zens are infected and turn into machines, prompting Dorothy to summon her favorite comi...

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James Gunn Has Seen Doom Patrol, Likes It

In the most recent Twitter conversation doomed to be misconstrued, James Gunn has revealed that he likes HBO Max original series Doom Patrol. Check out the exchange here: I hope the new regime will keep this show around, but it’s crucial to remember that Gunn enjoying it isn’t a promise....

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