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Possible Former Lucasfilm Employee Talks Star Wars, The Acolyte, and Lucasfilm Agenda

We may have some inside info on the cult-like atmosphere at Lucasfilm. A YouTuber going by the name Knee Payne claims to be a former Lucasfilm employee who worked in the animation division. He mostly makes videos about cameras and filmmaking, but he occasionally talks about Lucasfilm. In a recent vi...

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The Force is Out to Lunch

For years now, Lucasfilm has been catfishing their audience with new Star Wars content, only to disappoint and even attack the fans for their lack of social enlightenment – fans that have endlessly contributed to the cash-cow, money-printing machine that Star Wars is, or was. They’ve been callin...

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The Phantom Menace Revisited 25 Years Later

As we all know, The Phantom Menace was screened this weekend for its 25th anniversary and Star Wars Day. I was four years old when this movie originally came out, and I *believe* it was my first cinematic experience. But I jumped at the chance to see The Phantom Menace on the big screen again. I ...

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RUMOR: George Lucas Working on a Star Wars TV Show?

Is George Lucas returning to save his creation from Disney’s incompetence? Probably not, even if this story is true, but he may try. Star Wars Theory recently spoke to Roger Christian, the set decorator on Star Wars and second unit director on Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace. (He has s...

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Bob Iger Wins Disney Proxy War

If it were put up for a vote, do you think the passengers aboard the Titanic would have voted for the iceberg? I think it’s possible. In today’s annual shareholder meeting, Disney CEO Bob Iger announced that he had won the proxy war instigated by Nelson Peltz that sought to get Peltz and Jay Ra...

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Nelson Peltz Fumbles his Disney Proxy War with Marvel Comments

One side of the Disney proxy war just stepped on a landmine he laid himself. Nelson Peltz, the investor trying to get a seat on the Disney board, gave an interview to the Financial Times (which is behind a particularly hefty paywall, but Variety has the details) where he questioned movies like Th...

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