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Ryan Coogler Revamping The X-Files with “Diverse Cast”

The truth is still out there, and it’s going to take a modern Hollywood diversity and inclusion squad to find it. In a recent appearance on the Canadian radio program On the Coast, Chris Carter, the creator of the landmark sci-fi TV series The X-Files, said that Black Panther and Creed director Ry...

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Jordan Peele Slates Next Film Project

Universal has slated a new Jordan Peele film to release on Christmas Day of 2024. At this time, there is no title, premise, or even genre associated with the movie. Universal has released Get Out, Us, and Nope with Peele. Universal also placed an untitled Monkeypaw film to release on September 27th,...

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REVIEW: The Last of Us – Season 1, Episode 9, “Look for the Light”

HBO’s The Last of Us has thankfully come to its conclusion with episode 9, “Look for the Light.” After enough bloat to bore Hemingway, The Last of Us barrels to the end, forgetting that it has not invested enough of its overstuffed screen time in developing the relationship between Joel and El...

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REVIEW: Scream VI (2023)

The erroneously titled Scream VI (no Sidney Prescott, no Scream) made it to theaters barely a year after its predecessor, the obnoxiously titled Scream (not to be confused with Scream; sometimes, I feel like they want us to hate them), striking while the iron is hot in capitalizing on an inexplicabl...

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RUMOR: Owl House Finale Release Date Revealed

Several outlets report that the Owl House series finale has an official release date. I have yet to see this announced by Disney or any of the cable companies, so for now, it should be treated as a rumor. The episode is titled “Watching and Dreaming,” and the apparent air date is April ...

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Jenna Ortega Changed Wednesday Scripts

Jenna Ortega recently appeared on the Armchair Expert podcast and spoke about her work on Netflix’s Wednesday – namely, she re-wrote parts of the show’s script. Check out an excerpt here: “When I read the entire series, I realized, ‘Oh, this is for younger audiences… When I first sig...

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