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REVIEW: Godzilla Minus One (2023)

Godzilla Minus One feels like the little movie that could, taking America by storm the way Godzilla takes Tokyo. It seems like a legitimate crowd-pleaser, with movie fans praising it and buying enough tickets to secure it a wider release this week. And it’s a pretty good movie to boot, with some ...

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Blade Video Game Announced

The Daywalker is coming to consoles. At tonight’s Game Awards, Arkane Studios announced that a Blade video game, based on the Marvel Comics character, is being developed by them and Bethesda. Marvel’s Blade will be a single-player game set in Paris, part of which has been quarantined due to a ...

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Thanksgiving 2 is Coming for Leftovers

The adage “All good things must come to an end” has taken on a new meaning in the era of endless sequels, prequels, remakes, and whatnots. Director Eli Roth took to Instagram today to announce that he will be directing Thanksgiving 2, a sequel to the slasher movie that’s currently earning a ni...

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Beetlejuice 2 Set Videos Rise from the Grave

It may not be showtime yet, but some behind-the-scenes footage is giving us a peek behind the Ghost with the Most’s curtain. Three videos from the set of Beetlejuice 2 have emerged, and they show Jenna Ortega as Astrid Deetz, daughter of Winona Ryder’s Lydia Deetz. There’s also a quick shot ...

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Neve Campbell May Return for Scream 7

Surprise, Sidney! Melissa Barrera’s removal from Scream 7 may have paved the way for the horror series to bring back its true heroine. Barrera was the new lead of the series, with the Ghostface curse (for lack of a better term) transferred to her character from Sidney Prescott, who had previously...

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Melissa Barrera Fired From Scream VII

Melissa Barrera has been fired from Scream VII, the next installment in the new era of the horror franchise, which she has been leading for the last two movies. Barrera’s dismissal from the film is in response to posts she made on Instagram. The posts were deemed antisemitic by some – including,...

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