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Box Office Breakdown for Weekend of 1/28/24

What’s up, Geeks +  Gamers? It’s ODIN! The Beekeeper Knocks Mean Girls From #1 in Abysmal Box Office Weekend The old expression “January is where films go to die” has taken on new meaning in 2024 with some of the worst box office weekends in the last few years. Though many in the media a...

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Box Office Breakdown for Weekend of 1/21/24

What’s up, Geeks + Gamers? It’s ODIN! In my previous articles, I spent a lot of time breaking down the methodology of analyzing box office; now, it is time to break down the numbers. Here we go! Mean Girls Remake Easily Beats Newcomer I.S.S. According to “Tony” over on Deadline, the ...

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Fast and Furious 11 Will Have Smaller Budget

The Fast and Furious franchise is finally coming back down to Earth. In a post on his blog Insneider (which is behind a paywall, so this is via ComicBook.com), Jeff Sneider says that the next entry in the racing-turned-heist-turned-spy franchise will have a smaller budget and a lower-scale story mo...

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REVIEW: The Beekeeper (2024)

I’m not going to pretend The Beekeeper is a great movie, because it isn’t. It’s got less character work than your standard Allstate commercial, the acting – outside of a couple of performances – is just below mediocre, the narrative is thin as a shoestring, and the admittedly interesting ...

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The Beekeeper Trailer is Classic Statham

2024 is starting off the right way, with what looks like a hard-hitting Jason Statham action movie, as today, MGM released a trailer for The Beekeeper. Statham stars as a mysterious loner named Mr. Clay, whose kindly old neighbor commits suicide after falling for a phishing scam that cleans out her ...

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REVIEW: Expend4bles (2023)

The Expendables 4, or Expend4bles, is a yea or nay type of movie. It’s not going to get a glowing technical score from anyone maintaining the slightest objectivity, but on an entertainment level, it’s either your brand of fun or it isn’t. The real question is whether it delivers on that promis...

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