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REVIEW: The Acolyte – Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2, “Lost/Found” and “Revenge/Justice”

Well, The Acolyte is finally here. Star Wars fans have been anticipating this series for all the wrong reasons, from its showrunner’s dubious past working with Harvey Weinstein to bad PR to downright confusing dialogue in the trailers. Despite Lucasfilm’s best(?) efforts, I don’t think anyon...

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Star Wars: Hunters Releases at Last

The long-awaited video game Star Wars: Hunters came out today. This mobile and Nintendo Switch game has been talked about since 2021’s Nintendo Direct, but with little to show for it aside from minimal gameplay at an Apple event for the iPad mini. Alongside the game, Lucasfilm and developer Z...

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The Phantom Menace Revisited 25 Years Later

As we all know, The Phantom Menace was screened this weekend for its 25th anniversary and Star Wars Day. I was four years old when this movie originally came out, and I *believe* it was my first cinematic experience. But I jumped at the chance to see The Phantom Menace on the big screen again. I ...

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Dafne Keen’s Acolyte Character Revealed

This morning, Entertainment Weekly released an exclusive first look at Jecki Lon, Dafne Keen’s character in The Acolyte. Exclusive photos accompany an interview with Keen about her character’s design, personality, and more. When asked about Jecki as a person, Keen offered this:  “Well, I’m ...

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TRAILER: The Acolyte

Today, Disney+ and Lucasfilm finally released an initial trailer for the long-in-development Star Wars TV series The Acolyte following months of speculation and an announcement yesterday that also included a poster. You can see the trailer here:  And here’s the poster:  This trailer is well-pace...

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Dave Filoni Talks the Force

Dave Filoni appeared on Entertainment Weekly’s Star Wars podcast, Dagobah Dispatch, to discuss the Force and how it is shown in Ahsoka. Check out an excerpt, transcript courtesy of That Park Place: “The idea that she’s not incredibly adept at wielding the Force, I think,” Filoni sa...

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