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TRAILER: The Acolyte

Today, Disney+ and Lucasfilm finally released an initial trailer for the long-in-development Star Wars TV series The Acolyte following months of speculation and an announcement yesterday that also included a poster. You can see the trailer here:  And here’s the poster:  This trailer is well-pace...

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Dave Filoni Talks the Force

Dave Filoni appeared on Entertainment Weekly’s Star Wars podcast, Dagobah Dispatch, to discuss the Force and how it is shown in Ahsoka. Check out an excerpt, transcript courtesy of That Park Place: “The idea that she’s not incredibly adept at wielding the Force, I think,” Filoni sa...

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Ahsoka Clip: “Get Ready”

I don’t know how else to say that they’ve released yet another Ahsoka promo. This one is titled “Get Ready” and concerns the bond between Master and apprentice and how to know when your apprentice is ready. Check it out here: Honestly, I think they’re releasing too many...

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New Ahsoka Trailer Enters Training

Today, Lucasfilm released another trailer for the upcoming Disney+ Star Wars series Ahsoka. Check it out here:  I have some problems with this one. Sabine having Ezra’s lightsaber doesn’t bother me; I’ve seen some complain about this, but she did train with the Darsksaber, and Ezra left her b...

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REVIEW: Star Wars Jedi: Survivor (2023)

Respawn’s Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order was the single-player experience Star Wars fans have been wanting for a decade, one that broke the dry run of Star Wars games under EA. Fast-forward to 2023, and the sequel launches with numerous bugs and optimization woes, prompting review-bombing and sour i...

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Leslye Headland Talks The Acolyte and The Jedi

The Acolyte showrunner Leslye Headland recently sat down with Collider and discussed the themes and concept of the show. She also mentioned how Kathleen Kennedy responded to her pitch. Check out an excerpt here: “I think it’s difficult to do a show that is critical in any way of the Jedi. A...

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