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First Image of the New Batwing from The Flash Emerges

Nobody better have any poisonous balloons at hand. A Twitter account called The Flash Brasil appears to have an image of toys from the upcoming DC movie The Flash, and the set they’re showcasing features a new version of the Batwing. If you’ll remember (I won’t say something ridiculous like, ...

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RUMOR: Michael Keaton’s New Batman Movie Canceled?

Sometimes, you feel like somebody you’ve never met did something just for you. Someone designing a coffee mug that perfectly worded a phrase my grandmother used to use, a movie theater opening across the street, Joss Whedon developing Buffy the Vampire Slayer at the exact time I needed it, casting...

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New Flash Options for Warner Bros. Discovery

What is David Zaslav to do with Ezra Miller? According to one of The Hollywood Reporter’s sources, Warner Bros. Discovery is re-examining its options as the Miller nightmare continues to get worse. Recently, Miller – who plays Barry Allen/The Flash in the DC movies – was charged with felony bu...

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Kevin Smith Thinks Shelving Batgirl is a Mistake

Filmmaker Kevin Smith weighed in on Warner Bros. Discovery’s decision to shelve Batgirl on Friday’s episode of his podcast, Hollywood Babble-On. Smith and co-host Ralph Garman discussed CEO David Zaslav’s machete-like approach to getting the entertainment division back on track, particularly w...

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More Batgirl News

Adil El Arbi, one of Batgirl’s directors, shared a picture of Leslie Grace and Michael Keaton in costume today. In addition, Marvel head Kevin Feige, Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn, and director Edgar Wright showed support for the directors in the wake of the movie’s cance...

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Supergirl Movie May Be Axed Next

Rolling Stone reported some more details of the Batgirl cancellation today – namely, the new regime at Warner Bros. Discovery decided that all DC films should be released theatrically or not at all. When it was determined that post-production to make Batgirl theater-worthy would be too costly o...

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