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Summer Game Fest 2024 Video Game Trailers

Summer Game Fest 2024 happened today, with a slew of trailers for upcoming video games, which look… well, judge for yourselves. Here are all the game trailers (plus one TV show), with as little of the overly enthusiastic host as I could manage. LEGO Horizon Adventures No More Room in Hell 2 Harry ...

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IGN Misrepresents Post From Palworld Designer Pocketpair’s CEO

Remember Palworld? It’s the “Pokémon with guns” game from Japanese indie developer Pocketpair that made a big splash when it was released in January. The sheer fun gamers had playing Palworld propelled the game to massive profits and peak player counts. Palworld has been so successful that...

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The Game Developers Conference: Getting to Know Our Betters

Video games are fun. We LOVE games, darn it! But do video games love us back? Let me tell you something you may already know: The world ain’t sunshine and rainbows. This industry is infected with haters, cowards, bullies, and activists, and they will beat us down and cancel us for eternity if we l...

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Video Game Producer Mark Kern Talks Sweet Baby Inc. and ESG in Gaming

Have you been questioning the sanity of video game developers using consulting companies like Sweet Baby Inc. when it seems abundantly clear that gamers don’t like the changes they “suggest”? Today, an expert explained what their reasoning is. Mark Kern, a former producer at Blizzard Entertain...

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Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League has Fewer Day 1 Players than Marvel’s Avengers

Remember Marvel’s Avengers, the video game fans were excited for that turned out to be a disappointing bait-and-switch that bombed so hard it was delisted three years later? Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League just asked it to hold its wine spritzer. According to PCGamesN, the first-day Steam ...

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The Pokémon Company Responds to Palworld

Who’d have thought the drama surrounding a pseudo-Pokémon video game would be this pronounced? Over the past few days, Palworld, an indie video game from Japanese studio Pocketpair, has become a phenomenon, selling over eight million copies in under six days and being the most-played game on Ste...

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