PETA Wants a Vegan Guide to Palworld

Once something becomes popular, it doesn’t take wrong for the crazies to complain about it. Right now, the Japanese indie video game Palworld is taking the gaming world by storm, selling over seven million copies in five days and being the most-played game on Steam at the moment. Now, PETA – the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals – has set its sights on Palworld, and while their response is pretty tame considering their nutty history, they’re still being annoying while people are trying to have fun. Palworld features animal-like (some would say Pokémon-like) things called Pals, which you can kill, put to work for you, or give them machine guns and send them to mow down your enemies – and, apparently, you can eat them. Curious about what the organization’s response would be, Insider Gaming reached out to PETA, and they got this statement in return:

“PETA has already heard from many Palworld fans who have no interest in eating ‘Pals’ and want a vegan guide created for the game.

It’s ‘Veganuary’ after all, and gamers want to help animals by eating vegan in their game worlds and outside.”

It seems the fact that no animals were harmed in the making of this video game is of no consequence to delusional whackjobs who don’t want anyone to have fun. PETA is deeply concerned about the digital bits and bytes that make up the fake animals in the “Pokémon with guns” video game, and they want Pocketpair, the game’s developer (which they don’t name because they’ve probably never heard of Palworld before) to come up with a way for vegans – also notorious for their fun-loving attitudes – to play without making a cartoon pretend to eat another cartoon. As Insider Gaming points out, PETA doesn’t seem all that concerned about the killing or slave labor found in Palworld, just the carnivore diet. And the reason for that is that PETA knows this is nonsense, and vegans know this is nonsense, just as well as normal people know this is nonsense. It isn’t about the ethics of video games; it’s about attention-starved divas making a video game they probably have no intention of playing all about them and their lifestyle. Just because you have fun playing Palworld doesn’t mean you have to eat bacon and eggs for breakfast. But if they acknowledged that, they wouldn’t be making spectacles of themselves, and they can’t pass up an opportunity to try to get their fathers’ attention, or whatever the root cause of their tantrums is. In the meantime, Palworld’s numbers will continue to climb despite it being “Veganuary,” whatever the hell that means.

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