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Black Panther Series Eyes of Wakanda Announced with Spider-Man Name Change

Marvel is bringing out the big guns for its next Disney+ show – or, at least, parts of a disassembled big gun. At a press screening of the first two episodes of What It…? season 2, Marvel unveiled their 2024 Disney+ slate, and it included a new animated series called Eyes of Wakanda. This will ...

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RUMOR: Is Marvel Scrapping Wonder Man and Other Shows?

Is Marvel cutting more of its Disney+ fat? Joanna Robinson seems to think so, and she’s heard it from a few sources. The co-author of MCU: The Reign of Marvel Studios (with Dave Gonzales and Gavin Edwards) appeared on the podcast The Watch (where she also talked about Marvel’s plans to use Ave...

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Comic-Con 2022: Marvel Delivers Animated Series Updates

It wouldn’t be the San Diego Comic-Con without Marvel, and these days, that means movie and TV announcements. Today the studio parceled out a few tidbits about their animated Disney+ fare. First, there’s the trailer for I Am Groot, a series of animated short films that will arrive on the streami...

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Disney+ Day Marvel Showcase

Disney+ Day delivered a bunch of Marvel news – or, in most cases, re-delivered, because the bulk of these shows had been announced long ago. There was one big surprise, the announced return of a much-loved series from the 90s, but whether it’s good news or bad will depend on how faithful Disney ...

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