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Kevin Feige Gives Updates on the Russos Directing Avengers 5 and 6, Spider-Man 4, and the X-Men

Kevin Feige is setting the record straight on some upcoming Marvel projects… sort of. The president of Marvel Studios spoke with Inverse about a recent article from The Hollywood Reporter that claimed Joe and Anthony Russo would return to the MCU to direct Avengers 5 and Avengers: Secret Wars. ...

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Wolfs Trailer Reteams Two of Ocean’s Eleven

Two of Ocean’s Eleven – including Ocean himself – are joining forces again, whether they like it or not. Today, Apple TV+ released a trailer for Wolfs, the upcoming action-comedy starring George Clooney and Brad Pitt. The stars play a pair of rival “fixers” who clean up crime scenes for t...

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RUMOR: Spider-Man 4 to Start Filming This Fall

Spider-Man may not be stuck to a wall much longer. According to Jeff Sneider and his blog, Insneider (which is pay-walled, so you can read the pertinent information from World of Reel and JoBlo), the next Spider-Man movie set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe will begin filming this fall, “in Sept...

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Venom 3 Gets a Title and a New Release Date

It sounds like Tom Hardy is hanging up his symbiote. Variety reports that Sony has revealed the title of the upcoming third Venom movie; this one will be called Venom: The Last Dance. The film’s release date has also been moved up two weeks to October 25, 2024, from November 8, 2024. Not much ab...

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Deadpool & Wolverine Most-Watched Trailer of All Time

It seems clear that Disney will have at least one hit on its hands in 2024. According to Variety, the Deadpool & Wolverine trailer that aired during the Super Bowl is the most-watched movie trailer of all time, with 365 million views in 24 hours. This edges out the previous record-holder, Spide...

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RUMOR: Marvel Wants Drew Goddard to Direct Next Spider-Man Movie

A new director may be giving Spidey his web shooters. While a fourth MCU Spider-Man movie hasn’t been announced yet (and we’re supposed to pretend that Tom Holland may not come back), given the success of No Way Home (and little else), it’s a no-brainer that Marvel wants another one. Jon Wa...

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