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Happy Gilmore 2 Putting Its Way to Netflix

We’re at the stage of IP mining where IPs that we didn’t even realize were franchises are getting sequels, prequels, reboots, remakes, and what-have-yous. At Netflix’s upfront presentation today (via Variety), the premier streaming service revealed that they’re developing a sequel to Happy G...

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Ethan Van Sciver Campaign Gets Camelot 331 to NASCAR and Cyberfrog on the Car

You may have seen Camelot331, whose real name is Cody, in your YouTube travels, even if you don’t subscribe to him. He hosts the Camelcast podcast, makes videos about entertainment, pop culture, and GameStop, and has appeared on the Critical Drinker’s channel, among others. Cody is a race car d...

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UFC 300 Main Card Breakdown: Highlights and History

The UFC Octagon has seen the rise and fall of some of the best combat athletes in recorded history. With UFC 300 on the horizon for April 13th, 2024, we look forward to the fights and reflect on the history of modern MMA. For three decades, the UFC has been the epicenter of mixed martial … Read More

UFC Legend Mark Coleman Saves Parents From House Fire

Mark Coleman was hospitalized due to smoke inhalation on March 12th, 2024. The UFC hall-of-famer awakened to the house fire and got his parents outside before returning to help his dog, Hammer. Sadly, the dog passed away, and Mark was rushed to the hospital, “fighting for his life.” Fortunately,...

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Deadpool Accepts Creative Arts Emmy

Deadpool has finally won an award… or, rather, he accepted one on behalf of Ryan Reynolds. Last night, the actor won a Creative Arts Emmy for his documentary series Welcome to Wrexham alongside co-creator Rob McElhenney. The show follows Reynolds and McElhenney after they purchase Wrexham, a Wels...

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REVIEW: The Iron Claw (2023)

The Iron Claw tells the true story of the Von Erichs, one of the greatest wrestling families of all time. This film is the latest from A24 and writer/director Sean Durkin, and while I don’t follow sports, the cast drew my attention. I actually saw this movie on Christmas Day, which I wouldn’t ne...

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