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REVIEW: Blue Beetle (2023)

However bad you think Blue Beetle is, it’s worse. I was surprised; I figured it would be a dull but fairly innocuous superhero movie, forgettable but harmless. It isn’t; it’s one of the most aggressively annoying, poorly written, badly plotted films in recent memory, not so much derivative of ...

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Blue Beetle is Set to Bomb, Everyone Tries to Act Surprised

In a development that will shock no one at all, Box Office Pro has Blue Beetle, the upcoming DC superhero movie from director Angel Manuel Soto, tracking for a $12-$17 million opening weekend and a $27-$55 million total domestic gross. That opening weekend prediction is lower than The Flash, Black A...

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Blue Beetle Trailer Reminds You That Blue Beetle is a Thing

Remember Blue Beetle, the other DC movie coming out this year? Me neither, but it’s got a trailer! Blue Beetle is the story of Jaime Reyes, who is given a cybernetic scarab beetle that attaches to him and turns him into a superhero (as near as I can tell; the trailer is a little jumbled). …...

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5 Other Halloween Movies

Halloween is here, and one of the best ways to celebrate is with a movie marathon. Everyone has their own playlist, and certain titles get a lot of traction, including the slasher classic named after the holiday. Personally, I like to change things up every year. While I’ve got a few I always try ...

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