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REVIEW: The Bikeriders (2024)

I didn’t know anything about The Bikeriders going into it. I’d seen some buzz and a poster, but I wasn’t actively following it. This actually didn’t hurt my experience because the movie tells you exactly what it is very early on. The Bikeriders is based on a book by Danny Lyon containing pho...

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Venom: The Last Dance Trailer Teases the End of an Era

Eddie Brock is ready for one last ride with his symbiotic alter ego. Today, Sony released a trailer for Venom: The Last Dance, the third and (likely) final installment in their Venom series. This time, Venom is being hunted by the military and members of his species, who’ve traveled to Earth fro...

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Venom 3 Gets a Title and a New Release Date

It sounds like Tom Hardy is hanging up his symbiote. Variety reports that Sony has revealed the title of the upcoming third Venom movie; this one will be called Venom: The Last Dance. The film’s release date has also been moved up two weeks to October 25, 2024, from November 8, 2024. Not much ab...

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Furiosa Trailer Returns to the Wasteland

While the new Hunger Games movie sits in theaters, another dystopian sci-fi film is preparing to make us fear the future. Today, Warner Bros. released a trailer for Furiosa: A Mad Max Saga, a spin-off of/prequel to Mad Max: Fury Road (which didn’t have Mel Gibson, so it’s socially acceptable t...

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The Bikeriders Trailer Heads Out on the Highway

Leave your helmet behind because 20th Century Studios has released a trailer for The Bikeriders. “Inspired” by Danny Lyon’s photo-book of the same name, The Bikeriders chronicles the evolution of a fictional motorcycle gang called the Vandals, as told through the eyes of one of their girlfrie...

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Blue Beetle Director Pitched Bane Origin Movie

Angel Manuel Soto had a different idea for his DC Universe debut. The director of the upcoming Blue Beetle told Den of Geek that when Warner Bros. called him about a DC project, he didn’t realize they already had one in mind and pitched them several ideas. One of those was a Bane origin movie. &he...

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