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Melonie Mac was Suspended from Twitch, and Opinions are Flying

A few days ago, popular gamer and streamer Melonie Mac was suspended from Twitch for two weeks for “hateful conduct.” While she hasn’t been told what action caused her to be suspended – which you’d think they would want to tell someone – Mac suspects it’s the clip below: Mac sees this ...

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Gina Carano’s Protesters Both Meet and Subvert Expectations

As promised, the outraged trans community (and/or their “allies”) came out to protest Gina Carano’s appearance at the Vancouver Fan Expo today, and the results were… pretty much what you’d expect. Drunk 3PO was on hand to film their attempts to stick it to the man – or woman, not that I...

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Protest Planned for Gina Carano’s Vancouver Fan Expo Appearance

If you thought the triggered whack jobs who panicked when Gina Carano was announced as a guest at the Vancouver Fan Expo were going to take her second appearance at the con lying down, you’ve got another thing coming. The modern witch burners are organizing a protest tomorrow, February 19, in fron...

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Wil Wheaton has a Meltdown Over Larry David Choking Elmo

If you can say anything for Wil Wheaton, it’s that he’s spent the decades after Star Trek: The Next Generation vindicating everyone who hated Wesley Crusher (which was pretty much everyone who watched the show). I haven’t paid much attention to him since then – like the rest of the world ...

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Gina Carano Adds a Day to Her Vancouver Fan Expo Appearance

The best way to fight cancel culture is to double down when it comes for you. Recently, after Gina Carano was announced as a guest at the Vancouver Fan Expo, a couple of disturbed cosplayers expressed their displeasure, an online petition to ban her got signatures, and a Canadian news outlet decided...

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News Site Claims Attendees Feel “Unsafe” Over Gina Carano Fan Expo Appearance

The Vancouver Fan Expo, a fan convention held annually in Canada, will take place from February 17-19 and will feature a slew of celebrity guests. Among those guests will be Gina Carano, former MMA fighter and star of The Mandalorian and current collaborator with The Daily Wire on some of their fi...

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